Minikeums: 15 things only fans know

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-21 11:11:02

The Minikeums are a design by Arnold Boiseau that left its mark on the 1990 generation. Their program follows the same principle as the Guignols de l’info.

1. Jazzy credits

A photo of Antoine De Caunes, and Bernard PIVOT and Nagui for the Minikeums. Credit: Maxppp - Morgane / Victor Editor

The generic of cartoon Minikeums has a jazzy beat. This music announces the start of each program. Its title is Generation Minikeums. Released in 1993, this credits lasts 3min51s. Its songwriters are Roddy Julienne and Philippe Almosino.

Know that the Minikeums are a broadcast on France3 . The first version of the show ran for 10 years (from March 31, 1993 to March 31, 2022). On France4, the broadcast of the second version of the show took place between December 11, 2017 and August 27, 2021.

2. France would win the World Cup

One photo by Norman Credit:

Thanks to Coco, the Minikeum fans knew that France was going to win the Soccer World Cup in 1998. After telling the story of soccer history, the Minikeums created a fan song with the aim of win the cup . The idea came from Coco, and they came up with simple, short lyrics: 'go, go, go, go... we're going to win'.

3. Christmas of the Minikeums

Two minikeums with wearing a Christmas hat Credit: Marie-Laurence HAROT/FRANCE3

Before listening to famous christmas songs , like that of Mariah Carey, etc., the Minikeums generation listened to a special music: Nonoël. Released in 1998, Nonoël is a work by Jean-Marc Lenglen and Roddy Julienne. Its duration is 4min1s. The voices of the Minikeums who sang this song are those of Roddy Julienne  and of Didier Gustin . Singing this song is always joyful:

« It's Noel

And tonight the essential

is to look up there

Father Noel makes life beautiful for us »

4. The Magic Bus and the Professor

A photo by Loulou Credit:

This cartoon of 90s integrate the programs Minikeums . An enthusiastic teacher, MmeBille-en-Tête, walks inside a magic bus.

This American television series has 52 episodes of 25 minutes. It is broadcast on France3 from February 19, 1996, in the Minikeums broadcasts.

Miss Valérie Bille-en-Tête is a teacher at Walkerville Elementary School. At each class, she wears extraordinary outfits related to the theme of each adventure. Her earrings light up when she thinks about the future study trip inside the magic bus . Serene in the face of danger, she always says that it is necessary « take risks and make mistakes » in order to learn something.

5. Minikeums and the fight against cigarettes

A photo of the Coco minikeum Credit: Kultt

The Minikeums raised awareness against the harmful effects of smoking. Many sketches were broadcast to fight against cigarettes. All fans of the show are familiar with the song:

« Be hip, be hop

The hip hop attitude works without the cigarette

don't be so stupid

Don't worry about cigarettes

Be hip, be hop

The hip hop attitude works without the cigarette

don't be so stupid

Don't worry about cigarettes

Be hip, be hop

Stop stop the cigarette ! »

6. The song from the show: My Melissa

Nagui's minikeum Credit: DOC FR3

The hit of the show, Ma Mélissa, gave notoriety to the series. Indeed, this song won the gold record in 1997 . Jean-Marc Lenglen and Roddy Julienne are the songwriters. She joined the Expand Music, France3 Music and Polygram labels. Its duration is 3min15s. Everyone sings this chorus every time the song is on TV.


Non ne pleure pas ho ho ho ho

Because for me

You are the most beautiful

You give me wings

7. Coco often acts like a victim.

The Coco minikeum Credit: LePoint

A liar and without any particular talent, Coco is a kind of friend neither cool nor beautiful. Nobody wanted him.

This Minikeum is a character that appears frequently. It represents Antoine deCaunes . He has many faults: fearful, unlucky, clumsy, grumpy, etc. However, his personality makes him very funny.

In general, Coco plays the antihero in the Cinekeums . Sometimes he plays the bad guy while being stupid than cruel. Despite his flaws, he is a very good friend. Also, he seeks to seduce girls. This star of the Minikeums often wears costumes inspired by those of Antoine deCaunes when the latter does his sketches. He lived a disparate idyll with the Minikeum Diva.

8. Who was Diva?

The minkeums of Diva and gosse beau Credit: France TV

The real ones Minikeum identities are known (Coco, Nag, Vanessa, Jojo, M’sé, etc.). However, that of Diva, a femme fatale, is rather discreet. In fact, it was Ève Baron, a head of the youth unit within France3.

Authoritarian, capricious and haughty, Diva is considered the ' head ' of the Minikeums. She had feelings for Coco, but hid it. Over time, she changed her mind and preferred Gégé.

In the Cinékeums, Diva often has the personality of a femme fatale.

9. You don't get up so early

Norman and Norman in a photo Credit: Instagram Norman

Don't Get Up So Early is a parody of the title Despacito by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. This song is produced during season 1 of Minikeums in 2017 .

Don't get up so early
You have your whole life to get up early, early
In the morning, it's only for taking big sleeps
Get away from here and let us sleep
Don't get up so early

This tube therefore came out during the second version of the Minikeums and its main characters are:

  • Keva (Kev Adams);
  • Riha (Rihanna) ;
  • Pog (Paul Pogba) ;
  • Loulou (Louane) ;
  • Normy13 (Norman Thavaud) ;
  • Hirsute (a chien).

10. You parodies them

The new generation of Minikeums Credit: Gilles SCARELLA/ FTV

The issuance of Minikeums de France3 is rich in parodies. The first version has more than fifteen. The puppets have altered many titles and shows. Among the most famous it is possible to cite:

  • Questions sous un lampion ;
  • Faciladodo ;
  • Good night the little guys;
  • Love, Passion and Seasickness;
  • Star Keum ;
  • Fingers in the nose ;
  • Fort Bobard;
  • The Mysteries of the Strange;
  • Hello eyes;
  • Wait and see;
  • Tassalélo ;
  • The Fifth Food;
  • The Golden Minikeums.

11. Vanessa: A Kind Girl

A photo from the Minikeums album Credit: Amazon, 15.20 euros

Vanessa is like Vanessa Paradis. Jojo's fiancée is also Zaza's best friend. Compared to Diva, she is kind, less selfish, less pretentious. His character earned him success with the boys of his generation. In addition, she often plays the princess.

Her best friend Zaza, youthful and candid, is the youngest of the Minikeums . Having a brave and gentle personality, Zaza plays the starring role in some recent stories. She was Bernard's girlfriend.

12. The cinekeum

Gaël Colin and the Minikeums Credit: France TV

The Minikeums broadcasts broadcast on France 3 between 1993 and 2002 are rich in cinekeum. Among the famous cinekeum it is possible to mention:

  • Peter Keum Pan Pan ;
  • Aladdin et la magikeum lampe ;
  • Blanche-Vaness and the seven little guys;
  • Little Red Riding Hood Minikeum;
  • Pinocchio keum ;
  • The Beau keum au bois dormant;
  • Cinderella in the country of the keums.

In season 2, the cinqueum offers many titles such as:

  • The Spy Who Was Looking For Love;
  • The Keum Files 1 & 2;
  • Frankeumstein
  • Zorro the masked vigilante, etc.

13. MNK: The Change

From left to right: Keva, Riha, Pog, Noman and Loulou Credit: When we are dad

Even if the ratings of the program Minikeums reached on average 20% of the market, the new director Ève Baron redesigned the program in September 2000. The person in charge of the youth program of television France3 renamed the program Minikeums in MNK. It also reduced the number of puppets at six (Coco, Josy, Vanes, Diva, Bernard, M’sé and Zaza). Now they just advertise the program. The sketches are removed, the production team has been changed. New authors appear.

According to Ève Baron, the repositioning was essential to simplify the dressing and reduce the cost of the show. However, audiences were disappointed with the new look and the show.

14. The end of the premiere version

The first generations of Minikeum Credit: Planet CSTA

After more than 4,500 broadcasts, the production of Minikeums stopped on 1 is April 2002, marking the end of Génération Minikeums. TO3 therefore replaced the first youth programs.

The first version Minikeums show lasted 10 years. She thus left her mark on French, Belgian and Swiss youth in the 1990s.

Some footage from the Minikeums show has been edited onto VHS tapes. Among the programs offered, it is possible to mention:

  • Les Minikeums « La vidéo » ;
  • The Minikeums make their Cinékeum;
  • Cinékeums to scare;
  • Panikeum on the year two thousand.

15. The Big Comeback

A poster of Keva and Riha Credit: ALP

Maxime Guény announces on April 1, 2017 that Adventure Line Productions and France Television are preparing the return of the Minikeums . In the new version, Coco, Vanessa, M'sé would be surrounded by new puppets.

The spread of the New version begins on December 11, 2017 on France4 television. The producers replaced all the old puppets . The new characters are Normy, Riha, Keva, Loulou, Pog and the little hairy dog. The Minikeums program is broadcast at 4:30 p.m.

The new version of 2012 keeps the guidelines of the first version. Indeed, the Minikeums perform sketches. They also do musical parodies and announce the programs.