Megalophobia: 25 scary photos to overcome your fear

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-05 16:33:01

Anxious when you are near a skyscraper? Does the word “megalophobia” speak to you? Here are 25 photos to overcome your fear.

Megalophobia: what you need to know

A megalophobe in a therapist. Credit: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Megalophobia or megalophobia is the phobia big things . Megalophobes are people who feel an irrational and inexplicable fear as soon as they find themselves near large objects such as:

  • A building;
  • A charge;
  • A plane;
  • A container;
  • Etc.

They may even experience anxiety when shopping in supermarkets and malls. The anxiety felt by a megalophobe is often explained by the fear of getting lost in the immensity, of being crushed by large objects, of being seized by an immense object...

The exact causes of megalophobia are so far undetermined. However, according to scientists, it would be a disorder related to a traumatic event which would have taken place during the subject's childhood. Here are some of the symptoms of megalophobia:

  • sleep disturbances;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Almost endless crying;
  • Cold sweats;
  • Dizziness and malaise;
  • A great fear of dying;
  • Depression;
  • Etc.

Treatment for megalophobia depends on the symptoms. This phobia is usually treated with psychoanalysis, hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Some drug treatments are also effective in treating megalophobia accompanied by physical pain.

15 images to help you overcome your fears

A megalophobic happy to have conquered his fears. Credit: whyframestudio

Here is a selection of images that will help you get rid of your irrational fears. Have the courage to view these pictures will certainly be a step towards healing. However, if the symptoms persist, it is best to consult a specialist in order to benefit from an appropriate treatment.

1- The aisle of a supermarket

A large supermarket aisle to defeat megalophobia. Credit: Fascinadora

This image may seem banal to some. And yet, for a megalophobe, it can represent a great source of panic and anguish. To get rid of this disease, you can observe it for as long as you want. Your fears of grandeur will gradually dissipate. If not, feel free to follow up with the other images on our list.

2- A large warehouse

A large warehouse and large trucks parked in its outdoor parking lot. Credit: valtron84

If you have phobia of grandeur , the sight of this image might make you sweat. In order not to be overwhelmed by your fear, keep in mind that this is only an image and that you are not risking anything. This will reduce the unpleasant sensation that you often feel when you are faced with an object that frightens you.

3- The interior of a shopping center

The hall of a shopping center. Credit: Paha_L

If observing this image plunges you into a anxious state , you are suffering from megalophobia. To get rid of all your fears, we invite you to look at the lobby of this large shopping center several times. This will help you overcome this disorder and avoid reaching a more critical stage.

4- Large buildings

Photo of gigantic buildings to overcome megalophobia. Credit: alice-photo

For a megalophobe, passing near tall buildings like in this photo is unthinkable. This can cause various behavioral problems. For gentle therapy , start by observing this photo for a few seconds. Then extend the duration of the visualization as you feel better. It will then be easier for you to face your fears once in real life.

5- A large building

A multi-storey building. Credit: abalcazar

The image of this large building located in the United States is also a good way to fight against your megalophobia . Feel free to share it with friends in the same situation to help them feel better. And for an even more effective treatment, there's nothing better than testing your limits by taking a walk under a skyscraper.

6- A big plane

An airplane being repaired. Credit: IAM-photography

Here is also an image that may scare megalophobes . This is an aircraft in full preparation for its next takeoff. The fears felt at the sight of an airplane would be linked to the fear of dying in a crash. To cure this phobia, you can look at this photo several times while adopting a positive thought.

7- Tall buildings seen from below

Buildings located in Germany. Credit: FotografieLink

Raising your head to observe such a spectacle can be a real challenge for megalophobes. To avoid possible emotional shocks , we advise you first to breathe deeply, to evacuate all the bad thoughts, then to visualize this image for a few minutes. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask for support from those close to you.

8- Industrial containers

Large industrial containers. Credit: Bruno Giuliani

The large industrial containers can also scare megalophobes. This is why we recommend viewing this image. This action will help you realize that all your fears are just a figment of your imagination. Once you no longer want to run away seeing such a photo, it will be easier for you to face your fears in the reality .

9- Wooden pallets

Stacked wooden pallets. Credit: industryview

Looking at this picture will also help you relieve your anxiety disorders . This is a stack of wooden pallets that you can find in any industrial depot. Don't worry, you risk nothing by looking at this image. On the contrary, it will help you feel better and gently face your fears.

10- A building with multiple glass windows

A tall building with windows. Credit: TanyaJoy

If you find this scary picture , you may be suffering from megalophobia. It will help you become aware of your real fears and help restore your self-confidence. If you feel unable to do so, you can start staring at this photo for a few seconds. Then increase this duration once your fears have dissipated.

11- A great museum

A museum with a fully glazed exterior. Credit: compuinfoto

For megalophobes, visit a museum is a real challenge. Indeed, the immensity of the place can bring out uncontrollable emotions. To help you feel better, we invite you to contemplate this wonder for a few minutes. Take your courage in both hands. You will then be able to see all its positive aspects, better cope with your disease and find solutions to find your well-being .

12- A large metal cross

Large cross near the Church of Sainte-Marie-des-Anges. Credit: Aleksei Mitrushkin

If for tourists, this monument is a must, for megalophobes, it is to be avoided. Its imposing size can quickly become a source of anxiety and anxiety for people with this disorder. To better understand your visit to the site, we suggest that you first observe this cross in a photo.

13- An abstract image

An optical vision. Credit: francescoch

You may also feel great fear looking at this picture. Although it is a surreal image, it can help you deal with your megalophobia. Do not hesitate to look for other images of the same kind to face your fear and find the courage to move forward. Seek advice from a psychologist if needed. It will help you find a solution to get rid of your phobia.

14- A big truck

A truck on the highway. Credit: phaisarn2517

The big trucks are also among the pet peeves of megalophobes. With their imposing size, these vehicles are, for them, very dangerous. In order to get rid of your preconceptions and find a healthy life , you can view this image. Then try to determine the real reason for your anxiety, then try to find a solution to get rid of it.

15- A tunnel

A grand tunnel Credit : Elena Bionysheva-Abramova

Large tunnels are also among the sources of anxiety for megalophobes. This is explained in particular by the immensity of these places and the fact of not knowing what is really hiding there. To face your fear, here is the photo of a very wide and deep tunnel. It would be a mine tunnel.

10 other images to overcome megalophobia

A woman who regained her self-confidence. Credit: Zinkevych

Here are also other images that will help you regain your self-confidence. In the long run, you will no longer be afraid of large objects:

1- The surface of the ocean

A view of the ocean surface. Credit: katatonia82

Spending the holidays by the sea is certainly not a good idea for megalophobes. Indeed, they often have many prejudices about the ocean and what is hidden there. To no longer be afraid to dive into sea water, here is a beautiful shot to help you. It will make you aware of the beauty of nature.

2- A cove

The Calanque of Cassis. Credit: ventdusud

Calanques can also scare people suffering from megalophobia. The latter do not dare to venture near these places because of their vastness. The Afraid of the unknown is the main cause. If you want to regain your serenity and have the chance to discover these wonders, this image will certainly help you. Take a few minutes to observe it and put yourself in mind that it is a marvel to discover and not a source of anxiety.

3- A cave

The cave of the Demoiselles in Ganges. Credit: JackF

For megalophobic people, venturing into a cave is a real challenge. And for good reason, these are very vast and often provide many surprises. Fear of being trapped, encountering wild animals, running out of air, etc. are so many other reasons that can push these people away and prevent them from living the experience. Here is a picture of a cave in Ganges to help you overcome your irrational fear.

4- Un tsunami

A big wave. Credit: Ig0rZh

Here is also an image to help you fight your fears . This is a raging wave during a tsunami. Take your time and start looking at the picture slowly. Start with a visualization of a few seconds. Then watch the image for several consecutive minutes. You will see that your irrational anxiety will slowly fade away.

5- A large highway

A highway during a big storm. Credit: solarseven

Here is also a photo which should help you regain your emotional health. It represents a highway preparing to welcome a big storm. To fight his fears effectively, there is nothing better than challenging yourself. You will see that after a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the severity of your phobia, you will regain your self-confidence.

6- A giant fish

A big fish. Credit: Sablin

The Marine animals can also scare away megalophobes. Reason why they dare not bathe in the sea. If you have an irrational fear of the sea depths, here is an image to help you. This big fish lives in the ocean. The fisherman who holds it in his hands feels no fear given the harmlessness of this animal. You too should adopt this state of mind in order to regain your well-being capital.

7- A mountain landscape

Hikers in the mountains. Credit: 24K-Production

A hiking in the mountains can be a real source of anxiety for megalophobes. The vastness of the place and the surprises that can occur there are the main causes. To face this fear, there is nothing better than venturing into a large ski resort, for example. Otherwise, while waiting to find the time to do it, you can view this nice picture which may give you the desire to try the experiment.

8- A sunset

A bright red sunset. Credit: Natalya Bosyak

Megalophobia can ruin your life. And for good reason, you will not even want to contemplate the beauty of dame nature . If you feel this irrational fear of anything vast, try looking at this picture. It will certainly help you take control of your life. You will be more eager to discover the world and the wonders it contains.

9- A large Buddha statue

A Buddha statue under construction. Credit: Phichaklim1

Megalophobes often panic when they are near a large statue. They imagine being crushed by the latter and hurting themselves, even losing their life. To overcome this fear and lead a more fulfilling life, try face your fear viewing this image. You will see that there is no reason to feel such anguish.

10- A big wheel

A Ferris wheel near a boat. Credit: Renault Nicolas

For the people prone to megalophobia , it is out of the question to stand near a Ferris wheel. And yet, to overcome your fear, the ideal is to face it. You will definitely find the courage to have fun in these attractions after seeing this picture. Take the time to breathe and think about all the advantages that await you: beautiful sensations, a good time with your loved ones, a new experience...