Lost 70 km from his family after getting on a bus, this cat was saved thanks to an incredible stroke of luck

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:19:02

Adventure lover, Bagheera, a little black cat had the unpleasant surprise of finding himself 70km from his home. Explanations.

A taste for adventure that he lacked. While living in the Wellington region of England with a loving family, the little chat black Bagheera was thirsty for adventure. This Monday, August 29, the cat had a mishap. As the media says BBC and the website Woopets , the cat climbed into the luggage compartment of a bus that stopped near his house. A transport going to Bristol airport.

Credit: Amanda-Jayne Sullivan

A lost cat 70km from home

70km later, the cat got out of the bus, close to the airport and embarked on an adventure. He walked into the parking lot of a cafe near the airport. One of the establishment's employees was surprised to see an animal there. A few minutes later, a relative showed him a Facebook post that featured a snapshot of Bagheera. Amanda-Jayne Sullivan, the owner of the cat, had shared a wanted poster.

A few hours later, the mistress was able to recover are chat safe and sound. And we bet Bagheera won't be getting back on a bus anytime soon. An incredible story.

Credit: Amanda-Jayne Sullivan

Source : Woopets