Losing your hair is not a fatality, we give you advice to remedy it

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-10 17:12:02

Did you know ? We lose on average between 50 and 100 hairs per day. However, sometimes we lose more than usual and that worries us. Rest assured there are solutions, follow the guide!

It is well known: baldness scares men, but hair loss also affects women.

Indeed, the hair follows a life cycle which results in three phases: the growth phase, the rest phase and the fall phase. Also know that there are two types of hair loss. Without further ado, the solutions to deal with this phenomenon. And for the most curious among you, the René Furterer brand helps you understand your hair loss thanks to a personalized diagnosis .

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The 2 types of hair loss

Progressive hair loss (also known as androgenetic or androgenic alopecia) affects an average of 21% of the population. The main affected are men over 50 and postmenopausal women.

This inconvenience is linked to three factors: hormones, heredity and age. In most cases, the symptoms are as follows: hair loss, for several months, weak but daily and often localized.

In women, androgenetic alopecia is located at the top of the skull. The main concerned see their hair become thinner and more sparse. Men, on the other hand, notice hair loss in certain visible areas: the forehead, the temples or the top of the skull.

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Reactive hair loss - which mainly affects women - appears abruptly and suddenly, and can occur in response to several events, including:

  • Stress
  • Overwork
  • Postpartum
  • Deficiencies in vitamins or in fer
  • Change of season
  • emotional shock
  • Taking certain medications

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tips to prevent

At first, it is advisable to buy a brush adapted to your hair type. Do not hesitate to massage your scalp regularly during brushing to promote blood circulation. This gesture will nourish the hair root and stimulate growth. We also advise you to exfoliate your scalp with scrubs to cleanse it.

You can also install a filter on your shower head, it will retain heavy metals and soften the water. Purchasing a silk pillowcase is also highly recommended. The reason ? This material reduces the formation of split ends and facilitates detangling. Finally, avoid the use of products containing silicones.

Concrete and expert solutions

For 18 years, Triphasic by René Furterer has been the number 1* of hair loss products in France in pharmacies. It must be said that this range, which contains essential oils and plant extracts, boosts skin microcirculation, slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth. So René Furterer has developed two expert solutions to specifically fight against both types of hair loss.

Against progressive hair loss, Rene Furterer has developed a new expert treatment, Triphasic Progressive.

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This anti-hair loss serum prevents and slows hair loss, stimulates growth and increases hair thickness '. Dermatologically tested and made in France, this patented innovation contains 98% ingredients of natural origin.

Easy to use thanks to its single-dose format and its exclusive massaging applicator tip, the Triphasic Progressive serum will allow you to make your hair healthier and denser. Non-binding, it applies twice a week for the first month, then once a week only for the following two months.

After 3 months of treatment, the results show + 10,023 additional hairs**, it's scientifically proven! Indeed, the serum stimulates growth, prolongs the life of the hair and delays its loss, thanks to a synergy of plant-based active ingredients combining Biotrinin, Pfaffia, Mangosteen and Liquorice extracts**.

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To maximize the benefits of this treatment, you can also bet on other quality products to use in addition, such as a stimulating shampoo with essential oils, which is an excellent ally for hair regrowth and makes the hair more resistant. and brighter, but also the “Vitalfan progressive” food supplement, a real boost to preserve hair capital thanks to “ with the combined action of vitamins B6 and B8 (Biotin) ».

The Triphasic reactional meanwhile, is the complete treatment to treat reactional hair loss.

The serum - which contains a formula with 94% ingredients of natural origin - aims to quickly boost hair growth: -60% hair loss***. And the least we can say is that this product pays off since the hair regains its strength and volume of yesteryear.

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Here too, you can use the Triphasic shampoo in addition, to gently cleanse and strengthen the hair capital, underlines René Furterer. But that's not all ! He ' intensifies the supply of essential nutrients and energy for the growth of strong hair '. For its part, the food supplement Vitalfan Réactionnelle completes this routine from the inside.

So which treatment is right for you? If you still have any doubts, carry out your personalized hair loss diagnosis online.

There are also other solutions such as light therapy based on LED lights or even treatments in a specialized clinic, however, when it comes to medical interventions, it is important to get information first and foremost from professionals in the field.

And don't forget, losing your hair is not inevitable!

*QuintilesIMS - Pharmatrend. Anti-hair loss cosmetic care market, excluding oral route, in pharmacies, in France, year 2020, in value.
**Average increase in the number of existing hairs in the growth phase on the entire scalp, including 4009 on the hair loss area, results after 3 months. + 7266 hairs from the first month. Phototrichogram and clinical quotation on 28 men and 32 women.
*** Sweater test on 53 subjects. Average results in 100% of subjects at 2 months.