Living in Spain: 15 things to know before moving

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 11:11:02

Thinking of moving to Andalusia? Here are 15 things to know before moving to Spain, between habits and customs, way of life and tradition.

Spain: the queen of the Iberian Peninsula

Baie de Cala S'Almunia in Majorque Credits : Alex

Good morning ! If you are considering a move in Spain , this is one of the first expressions you should know. In recent years, many French people have taken the plunge and decided to live a new life in Spain .

Spain is a country located approximately 1000 km from the French capital . This is a country that has enormously influenced the history of Europe and the world in general. Indeed, the Spaniards were among the greatest maritime explorers of the 15th century AD. Needless to say the spanish culture has managed to make its way around the world. Witness the many countries in South America where Spanish is the official language.

Besides that, it is important to mention that the expatriation in Spain is easy for nationals coming from France. There are many advantages to moving to Spain, if we should only mention the happiness of living in a Mediterranean country, bathed in sunshine and olive oil.

Spain is a welcoming country, with on average 10,000 new expats from France each year. The reasons for this expatriation to our neighbors in Andalusia can be motivated by research:

  • D’ a better education system ;
  • of a more pleasant way of life ;
  • of a lower cost of living ;
  • of a rich and varied gastronomy .

In any case, Spain is one of those countries about which it is necessary to learn as much as possible in order to make the most of what it has to offer.

15 things to know about Spain

The Plaza de la Virgen in Valence Credits : arcady_31

Although a moving to Spain sounds like a good idea and a good deal, there are some things to know before you decide to move there permanently. Of course, living in Spain has several advantages . However, it is always necessary to know as much as possible about a country where you plan to move. Here are 15 .

A quality of life that is among the best in the world

Young happy couple at the beach Credits: Valeriy_G

In 2008 begins a study carried out by the Mori Memorial , the Institute for Urban Strategies of the Japanese Foundation. The study consists of measuring 70 indicators from nearly 48 cities around the world, including:

  • The economic environment;
  • research and development;
  • Cultural interaction;
  • Life quality ;
  • Durability ;
  • Accessibility.

In 2021, the results are dithyrambic for two Spanish cities. In effect, Madrid is pleased with 9 th ranking rank , and the 18 th place is granted to Barcelona .

In the same classification, Madrid is in first place when it comes to quality of life . Suffice to say that living at Madrid is a real pleasure!

People who are more open and closer to others

Groupe d'amis Credits : ViewApart

People from Spain have an excellent reputation for being more sociable . They like to go out with others, and greatly appreciate socializing and sympathizing with others. This does not only include the young, but also the elderly.

Criticism is not really part of the Spanish way of life. And if there is a term that is absent in the vocabulary of the natives of Andalusia, it is “xenophobia”. In Spain, foreigner or not, everyone is on an equal footing. Something that attracts even more expatriates.

A relatively low cost of living

Image depicting low prices Credits: Fokusiert

Living in Spain will allow you to thicken your wallet . Indeed, it should be known that the cost of living in Spain is among the lowest in Europe . The price of leisure offers and shops is not as high, although it has nothing to envy to the level of quality of the French and Belgians.

To be more precise, the purchasing power of a person from France or Belgium is found 20 to 30% higher compared to what he has in his own country. This is why Spain attracts a lot of students and retirees.

An incredible healthcare system

Nurse talking to an elderly person Credits: monkeybusinessimages

The Spaniards, according to the latest reports, have the best health in the world . Life expectancy is high there. The quality of care is superior to that of other European countries. One of the significant factors of this excellent health is the low level of stress, compared to other developed countries.

Spaniards benefit from a comprehensive, universal and free medical coverage . It is therefore useless to take out expensive insurance to receive quality medical care. Spanish hospitals are like the Spaniards themselves. According to a study by the University of Washington, the year 2040 will be the year in which life expectancy in Spain will be the highest in the world, with a average of 86 years .

A wonderful contrast between urban centers and authentic villages

Valldemossa, Mallorca Credits : MarkusBeck

Spain is a country that juggles between history and the present . Indeed, each major city (Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Madrid and Malaga) has its own history. Each municipality has been able to evolve with the times, without abandoning what has already been. Thus, it is not uncommon to see the contrast between Spanish towns and villages, without however noting a real difference in development or evolution.

A country of culture

Four young people with a Spanish flag Credits: SerrNovik

It is no coincidence that Molière wrote ' The Barber of Seville ». Spain is a country of culture . The cultural richness of Spain is such that it is among the favorite countries of tourists from all over the world. History, architecture, literature, music... there are many areas where Spain is among the richest. Thus, living in Spain is the guarantee of expanding your knowledge, evolving in an environment where culture is found in each of the steps we take in front of us.

A country of gastronomy

Spanish tapas Credits : Roxiller

One of the other indicators that make a country welcoming is the gastronomy . The Spanish soil is rich and very vast . Spanish gastronomy has nothing to envy to that of France. From pastry to viticulture, through butchering techniques and gourmet cuisine, from family tables to great restaurants, Spain offers an impressive range of recipes that can push any foreigner to expatriate.

An exceptional education system

Children going to school Credits: Monkeybusinessimages

One of the first pieces of advice given to children is to do everything to succeed in school. In Spain, the education system provides assurance of quality education to children. The level of French high schools located in Spain is higher than that of other countries. It is not uncommon for the admission rate of these establishments reaches 100% every year . Several French high schools are scattered in the cities of Spain, namely Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga, Bilbao, Seville, Alicante and Palma de Mallorca.

Moreover, the universities provide courses of exceptional quality in several fields. This is what drives many young people in France in particular to take their courses in the Higher Education in Spain.

Ease of finding accommodation

Little house on a pile of coins Credits: Wipada Wipawin

real estate is a booming sector in the cities of Spain. However, this does not prevent the country from posting property charges lower than those of France, Belgium or Switzerland.

In Spain, the property tax is on average 40% lower than in French-speaking countries. As for prices, count less than 800 € for renting a one bedroom apartment in Madrid. A price that can go down to around €400 in a city such as Alicante, Granada or Malaga.

The relatively low price of real estate is an excellent reason to expatriate your family to Spain. In Granada, the city where real estate is the cheapest, it is possible to find a 3-bedroom apartment for less than €600. In Paris, the capital of France, it is necessary to count on average 3000 € for the rental of an accommodation of the same size.

Sport at the heart of the country

Supporters espagnols Credits : william87

The sport  is an area that greatly animates the lives of Spaniards. You should know that many of the top athletes in the world, both in Europe and internationally, are from Spain. Among them is one of the best footballers the world of sport has ever known: Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is important to specify that the iron health of the Spaniards comes not only from a top notch health system , but also a healthy and balanced mediterranean diet , and a close relationship with sport . One of the best tips for those who have trouble eating and respecting the practice of a regular sporting activity: move to a city in Spain.

A country where safety reigns

Young woman walks with a phone in her hands in the middle of the nightCredits: gorodenkoff

Spain is a country where safety is king . It is quite possible to take a night walk in the heart of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, or Seville without fear of any aggression.

According to an analysis by Eurostat , in 40 European countries, including France and Belgium, Spain is the 8 th safest country , on the same level as Switzerland.

A good reason to learn Spanish!

Question on a slate 'Do you speak Spanish?' » Credits: nito100

It may sound silly, it makes so much sense, but moving to Spain is one of the best ways to learn to speak Spanish . You should know that it is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, with no less than 21 Spanish-speaking countries and 447.6 million speakers .

Spanish is a very common language in South America. In the United States, Spanish is spoken by almost 20% of the population. This makes it the second country in the world where Spanish is spoken the most.

Living in a tourist destination

Tourists in front of Barcelona Cathedral Credits: frantic00

The year 2019 is considered particularly prosperous for tourism in Spain. In fact, the country has welcomed 83.5 million tourists from Europe and the world entire. That same year, Spain was the second tourist destination in the world, just behind France. This is once again due to the Spanish cultural richness, with unique architectural monuments such as:

  • The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba;
  • The Gibraltar of Malaga ;
  • The city very focused on art Seville;
  • The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona;
  • The Prado Museum in Madrid;
  • L'architecture moderne de Valence.

After only one year of expatriation in Spain, you will no longer need a guide to know these places at your fingertips.

A vast natural diversity

Lake Ercina in AsturiasCredits: MarquesPhotography

It does not really show on the map of Spain, but this country has a vast natural diversity . The Spanish landscapes are very varied, from plains to mountains, including the beach and the sea.

A country for party people

Young people partying Credits: DisobeyArt

A job well done is for the Spaniards a way of life , not a bonus. This is one of the reasons why finding a job in Spain is easier than in another country, obviously taking into account qualifications. However, work is not the only area where Spaniards excel. They are also very party-oriented , as evidenced by one of the favorite destinations for partygoers around the world: Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain. In 2019, the Spanish island welcomed nearly 4 million visitors.