Le Faou: an occasional player wins 200,000 euros thanks to a scratch game

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 18:38:01

Monday September 19, 2022, a lucky man won a nice sum of money after buying a scratch game, in the town of Faou (Finistère).

The world is divided into two categories: those who are lucky and those who are not. This man belongs to the first. The reason ? Monday, September 19, he won 200,000 euros after buying a scratch game at the 'Café du center', in the town of Faou ( Finistere ), report our colleagues from Ouest France.

Photo Credit: illustration image/pixabay

“He is a very happy and moved winner”

That day, the lucky winner had set his sights on the Game “Pactole” And the least we can say is that the latter did well since he won the jackpot by paying only two euros!

Anyone who buys scratch card games on an occasional basis collected their winnings on Tuesday, September 20: “ It is a very happy and moved winner that we received this morning at the payment center of the Française des jeux de Plougastel-Daoulas “, said the FDJ in a press release.

Photo credit: Screenshot / La Gratteuse Anonyme / YouTube

One thing is certain: Le Faouiste did not expect to earn so much money: “ When I confirmed the sum to him, he made us feel a bit unwell and had to sit down on the edge of emotion “, explained Aline Le Faou, wife of the owner of the tobacco press at Telegram . Note that the man won the maximum gain.

Once the shock has passed, he will use this great financial boost to improve his house under construction. But that's not all ! He also plans to have a nice trip and give gifts to his loved ones.

Source : West France