Laurence from 'Love is in the meadow' was on sick leave during the show, her employer wants to punish her

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:33

Spotlight on a case that shakes up one of M6's flagship programs.

Once is not custom, ' Love is in the meadow » makes people talk behind the scenes!

Laurence, one of the candidates of the famous show of M6 , finds himself at the heart of a small controversy.

The one who had succeeded in seducing Jean, a breeder from Auvergne, thus took advantage of a sick leave to participate in the program presented by Karine Le Marchand, which was not to the taste of her employer, who decided to sanction.

To participate in 'Love is in the meadow', she goes on sick leave but her employer unmasks her

According to Charente Libre, Laurence Ceinturet, who works in a school canteen in Saint-Yrieix (Haute-Vienne), was thus recently summoned by Jean-Jacques Fournier, the mayor of his town, to explain himself.

Dissatisfied, the first city councilor had indeed been surprised to discover his employee on the small screen when she was supposed to be arrested for health reasons, during filming.

At first, the elected official assured the local media that he would not sanction Laurence Ceinturet, but he obviously reversed his decision, launching a “ disciplinary procedure ».

The candidate therefore received a letter at the beginning of the week, in which it is stipulated that the mayor plans to “ take warning action ».

Photo credit: screenshot / M6

Jean-Jacques Fournier, who ensures that none of this will be added to Laurence Ceinturet's file, justifies his decision with a ' breach of the official's obligations' as well as the 'duty of discretion ».

« We also considered that her behavior could damage the image of the community and the public service since the elderly with whom she was in contact were surprised that an officer on arrest could participate in a reality TV show. “, he thus declared.

The town hall also castigates “ the mediatization » related to this emission reality show as well as the impact of this event on his colleagues ».

Source : The Free Charente