'It's the end of a beautiful chapter of my life': Franck Ribéry announces the end of his football career

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-21 16:49:02

Injured in the knees, Franck Ribéry announced the end of his football career this Friday, October 21. After 22 years of career, the sportsman marked the history of the France team and Bayern Munich.

End clap for a legend of French football. After a year spent in the Italian club US Salernitana, Franck Ribéry announced that he was officially retiring from football this Friday, October 21, in a video posted on his social networks.

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The footballer suffered from serious knee injuries since his arrival at the Granata in the fall of 2021. He played his last match on August 14 before being absent due to his disabling injuries. Finally, his health got the better of him since Franck Ribéry was forced to retire from footballer .

'The pain in my knee has only gotten worse and the doctors are clear: I have no choice, I have to stop playing. So I have to put an end to my career as a professional player. , did he declare.

Franck Ribéry, the star of Bayern Munich

Aged 39, Franck Ribéry had a great football career that he started late. After being kicked out of Lille's academy for being too rambunctious, he went to several clubs before making a name for himself. His career exploded at the 2006 World Cup where the French team went all the way to the final. But it is especially within Bayern Munich that Franck Ribéry shone.

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In 2013, the player won a Championship-Cup-Champions League treble with his club. That year, he misses the Ballon d’or and ranks third after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. With his 23 titles won with Bayern Munich, Franck Ribéry became a star for the German club and the French team.

Franck Ribery retires

After 22 years of professional career, the time of retirement and rest has come for Franck Ribéry. However, the sportsman does not intend to stop there since he has several projects in mind, which remain uncertain for the moment. He could have a place in the US Salernitana as a leader, in technical coaching or with management.

“It’s the end of a beautiful chapter in my life. It's the end of a chapter, that of the player, but not the end of my professional history, you can be sure of that. , he said. So I say see you very soon for the beginning of a new beautiful chapter. »

Photo credit: @franckribery7

Source : The Parisian