Iran: protest wins high schools, teenage girls take to the streets

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 19:05:03

The protest movement in Iran is now spreading among young teenagers. A turning point?

Almost three weeks after the start of the revolt in Iran , the protest is spreading to high schools, where young people iranian no longer hesitate to take to the streets.

A shift that marks a turning point in this movement carried by the women , eager to put an end to the very strict dress rules imposed on them.

Photo credit: Twitter screenshot

High school girls now take to the streets in Iran

Many videos bear witness to this convergence of struggles!

On certain images filmed in the city of Karaj, located about forty kilometers from Tehran, we can thus see young girls, aged 15 or 16, joining the movement.

In the footage below, some of the teenage girls are quick to lash out at a Ministry of Education representative, surrounding him and shouting “ shame on you ! ».

There follows an extremely rare scene where the man, cornered, is forced to leave the scene under the cries and the throwing of plastic bottles.

France Inter claims footage showing similar gatherings has been shared on social media. According to our colleagues, in one of them, high school girls booed a representative of the basiji, the paramilitary force submitted to the mullahs and responsible for internal security in Iran.

« Will make you see “, launch these young girls to the soldier, tearing off their headscarves. A very strong symbolic gesture.

Identical scenes were reportedly seen in Shiraz, 1,000 km south of the capital, where high school girls reportedly demonstrated in the street shouting ' The mullahs out “, with the support of several men honking at the wheel of their car.

If it is still too early to speak of a possible revolution, Iran is experiencing more than ever a wind of revolt which is shaking the Islamic revolution.