Inflation: traditional baguettes soon to be sold at 1.50 euros in bakeries?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 13:51:07

Between the increase in energy and raw material prices, the traditional baguette is likely to sell for 1.50 euros in the coming weeks.

Credit: Intuitivemedia/Pixabay

In an an, the baguette of bread has increased by four cents, according to INSEE. Last June, its price was for example 93 cents in France. But with rising prices for energy and raw materials like wheat and wrapping paper, some bakeries will probably have no choice but to raise the price of their bread.

In addition, the energy consumption of bakeries, via their gas or electric ovens, will supplement the already high bills for artisan bakers. Companies with fewer than ten employees currently benefit from the tariff shield until 2023 (which is not the case for the largest bakeries), while it will be necessary to combine with the rise in limited energy prices to 15% next year, announced Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne a few days ago.

An increase in bread, pastries and sandwiches in the bakery

Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

We must therefore expect a rise in the price of baguettes in the coming weeks, or even the next few days, just like for pastries and sandwiches. Dominique Anract, President of the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry (CNBPF) warns: “ The baker who will not increase his baguette, he will close. [...] Consumers will understand ', does he think.

Still sold at 94.5 euro cents in August 2022, the price of the baguette could be close to 1 euro. This is already the case for the traditional baguette sold between 1 euro and 1.30 euros. Bakers could thus increase their prices by 10 to 15% up to 30%. In this option, the traditional baguette would see its price reach 1.50 euros (already established in some establishments).

Despite these significant increases, France is the country of the European Union where the price bread increased the least over one year, with +8.2%. Spain (+15.2%) and Germany (+17.5%) are far ahead of us, recalls Eurostat.