Indignation in the Oise after the death of a disabled deer, cruelly shot by hunters in an inhabited area

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-18 16:11:02

New hunting scandal! Two deer, one of which was disabled, were slaughtered in defiance of all applicable rules. Warning, some images may shock .

On October 15, the forest of Compiègne in Oise was the scene of a heinous massacre perpetrated by a crew of hunt with hounds who tracked down two deer before shooting them in an inhabited area, according to the Federation 30 million Friends, which evokes “ a cruel et illicit act ».

The scene, immortalized by stunned witnesses, arouses indignation, especially since one of the two animals was severely handicapped and defenseless.

Photo credit: Screenshot / AVA Compiègne

Hunters shoot disabled deer near house, sparking outrage

Having only three legs, the poor deer was thus targeted by a horde of hunters . Completely panicked, he then fled, knocking down several dogs before jumping over a fence to take refuge behind a house.

But while we might have thought he was safe, the cerf frightened was finally killed coldly with a gunshot, ' less than 100 meters from a dwelling “, according to the association AVA (Abolissons la Vénerie) which relayed the video on its social networks.

Such an execution is totally illegal since a ministerial decree of 1 is March 2019 definitively abolished the controversial “resale right”, which until then authorized hunters to finish off mortally wounded animals on private land, even without the agreement of the owner of the premises.

By virtue of this deletion, it is therefore now prohibited to proceed in this way and any animal in this situation must be pardoned and spared when it is 'near homes, adjoining private gardens, commercial or artisanal areas and offices of establishments open to the public'.

Unfortunately, this regulatory obligation is only too little respected, as evidenced by this unbearable video, on which we can see in particular the hunters, hilarious, pulling the remains of the disabled deer to a vehicle.

Also shot after being hunted, the other animal was none other than 'Forked Chevillure', a large deer known in the region and immortalized several times by animal photographers, believes 30 million Friends.

« These massacres and these offenses must stop “, reacted the AVA association, which once again castigates this barbaric hunt.

As a reminder, 80% of French people say they are in favor of the abolition of this practice, according to a barometer carried out this year by the Ipsos institute.

Source : 30 million Friends