Incredible: he captures with his camera a golden eagle with a lamb in its talons

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 11:45:01

This animal photographer had come to immortalize the slab of the deer. Missed his goal, he finally witnessed a completely different impressive spectacle.

Credit: Zoom In Fab's Eye/ Facebook

Friday, October 7, Fabien Grenard, a photographer originally from Auron in the Southern Alps, had made the trip to the village of Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage. In this mountain village in the Alpes Maritimes, the creator of the Facebook page Zoom In Fab's Eye went to the GR5 hiking trail to capture a photo of the deer slab.

However, the photographer arrived too late as the sun was setting behind the mountains and providing dim light. It was then that Fabien saw an astonishing spectacle, as he tells our colleagues from BFM Nice Côtes d'Azur.

« Suddenly I saw an eagle, followed by some crows, flying low, the crows were harassing it during its flight. I zoomed in with my camera to check what he was wearing and saw the lamb! ».

The remains of a lamb taken in the talons of a golden eagle

Credit: Zoom In Fab's Eye/ Facebook

L’ bird indeed held in its claws the remains of a lamb. Armed with his camera, Fabien grabbed it before capturing this amazing spectacle of nature. The photographer had never seen such a thing, as he still confides: “ It was mostly questioning, it was the first time I saw an eagle carrying such a heavy load. ».

As we can see in this superb series of photos, no less distressing, published on Facebook, the lamb is missing a large part of its rear body. A detail that makes Fabien say that the poor animal was not killed by the eagle .

« I don't think the eagle attacked the herd to leave with a lamb even if, in itself, it could be possible but, again, the lamb would be whole. An eagle is an opportunist, I have already surprised one eating on a deer carcass ».

Guilty or not, the photograph of this eagle with the remains of a lamb in its talons caused a lot of reaction on Fabien's Facebook page. While the majority of netizens praise the beauty of the photos taken, another part cannot help but be sad for the lamb. But as Fabien concludes, “ it's nature, it's like that ».

Credit: Zoom In Fab's Eye/ Facebook

Credit: Zoom In Fab's Eye/ Facebook

Source : BFM TV