In this video, a small brown bear cub adopts an amazing behavior by climbing a tree to rub itself against it

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 11:31:02

In the Pyrenees, the Hope collective has published an adorable video in which we can see two cubs and their mother. One of the cubs, a few months old, already has the ability to climb trees, which is very rare at this age.

In the Pyrenees , a new litter of cubs has been spotted near Melles, on the border between Ariège and Spain. Indeed, in a video captured by the Hope collective (Men, Ours, Pyrenees, Hope), we can see two cubs and their mother.

Photo credit: Hope Collective

The video was filmed by a camera installed by the collective which is automatically triggered when there is movement. Thus, the animals could be filmed in close-up.

A bear cub climbs a tree

In the video, the two cubs and their mother can be seen browsing in the forest. One of them, aged 6 to 8 months, notably decided to climb a tree to rub shoulders with it. This behavior is quite rare for a cub of this age because usually the ours climb trees at the age of two.

Photo credit: Hope Collective

These images were taken in mid-September and prove that a fifth litter of cubs was discovered in the Pyrenees. In this region, the number of brown bears is only increasing and it is estimated that 70 bears currently live in the massif. Within 10 years, scientists estimate that there could be 150 bears in the Pyrenees. Good news for this animal which is among the critically endangered species.

“We have identified one more, which brings the number of litters in France to five, and it would not be surprising to discover one or two more before the end of the year” , said Frédéric Duplan, from the Hope collective.

Following this discovery, the collective will warn the town hall of Melles and the local hunting societies of the presence of the cubs, in order to ensure their safety.

Source : France 3