In the midst of a shortage, he loads 800 liters of fuel into a rental truck and is caught red-handed

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-17 19:01:02

As the gasoline shortage continues in France, a man did not hesitate to load 800 liters of fuel into a rental truck.

The facts took place on Wednesday October 12, in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (Vienne).

While at a TotalEnergies station, a contractor did not hesitate to load 800 liters of fuel - 600 liters of diesel and 200 liters of unleaded - in a rental truck from the SuperU brand, report our colleagues from La Nouvelle République.

To do this, the man used tanks stored in the vehicle. Bad luck for him, his illegal act was captured on video by a motorist who was waiting for his turn in the gas station. The latter then shared the clip on social networks.

An illegal practice

According to information from the regional daily, the gendarmes dispatched to the scene put an end to the wild refueling before intercepting the driver. Note that this practice is prohibited because the transport of fuel is governed by strict safety rules, recalls the information site.

Indeed, an individual cannot transport more than 60 liters of fuel in jerry cans. As a result, the tanks containing gasoline were seized, and an investigation was opened.

According to investigators, the contractor used tanks because he was afraid of running out of fuel.

Source : The New Republic