In tears, this 84-year-old grandmother calls for help to find her lost dog for 3 days

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 13:23:02

Without news of her dog, who has been missing for three days, this 84-year-old woman is distraught. In a video, she calls for help to find her only life companion.

Credit: Paola Pombo/Facebook

Lourdes Erazo, 84, lives alone in Cali, in the Valle del Cauca department, in Colombia . For three days, Lourdes has not been doing very well. She is sad because she lost her dog Pigeon.

This white canine with brown spots ran away from home three days ago and Lourdes is desperately trying to find him. However, the owner loses hope. And since the disappearance of Palomo, Lourdes is plunged into sadness and no longer feeds.

“Help me find Palomo. He is like my son”

Credit: anamejia18/iStock

To find her dog, Lourdes appealed for help in a video posted on Facebook. Helped by a resident, Paola Pombo, Lourdes confides: “ Please, my beautiful people, help me find Palomo. He is like my son, he is white and has a small brown spot on his paw and his ears are also brown. Help me find it, I'm desperately looking for it “, she launches in tears.

The video was then relayed on Youtube and everywhere on the internet. It must be said that the case of Lourdes Erazo worries his neighbors and friends. By not feeding, Lourdes is seriously putting her life in danger. His relatives have thus mobilized to extend the appeal of Lourdes more widely.

« It's heartbreaking for me. To the people of Cali, I ask you to help me in the search for Palomo. He got lost in the Desepaz district. Grandma Lourdes has not eaten for 3 days. It's nothing but crying and screaming. I ask the local Cali newspapers to help me “, challenges Paola Pombo in description of the video.

Paola Pombo said she was very worried about Lourdes. For local media, your boat , the young woman says, it is very sad what is happening in Lourdes, first of all because at her advanced age, she lives alone; his only company was his little dog ».

The research chase each other to find Palomo.

Credit: Paola Pombo/Facebook