In love as teenagers, they meet again 20 years later and marry

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-05 16:08:01

Break out the popcorn because this love story has nothing to envy to the greatest love stories of Hollywood. In love as teenagers, two former classmates found each other 22 years later and got married.

Love always wins ! Helen Marshall and Graeme Richardson know this. The latter lived a passionate romance in high school before taking different paths. Today, they are a united married couple.

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This fairy tale began when the two lovebirds had a real crush on each other. Fifteen-year-old high school students spend all their time together: romantic walks, outings and kisses in the back of bike shelters punctuate their daily lives. When they had been dating for 9 months, young Graeme proposed to his girlfriend to marry her. Fearing that they were too young, the parents of the teenagers decided to break off the engagement.

Helen as a teenager. Photo Credit: SWNS

Graeme as a teenager. Photo credit: SWNS

The romance took a dramatic turn in 1994 when Graeme went on to college. From then on, the teenager tried to keep in touch with his sweetheart by sending her letters, without success. This episode marked the break-up of the couple.

They meet again 22 years later and get married.

Unsurprisingly, the former lovers have each rebuilt their lives on their side. They both married another partner and started a family. However, they had the opportunity to see each other again when their children attended the same school.

Some time later, Helen contacted her first boyfriend through Facebook, after their respective divorces. And, like magic, they fell in love again 22 years later. It was in this context that Graeme discovered that his ex had never received his missives.

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And the least we can say is that the couple made up for lost time. The lovers moved in together and said yes in April 2021, during their vacation in Croatia.

« We feel so happy now “, had indicated Helen to an american media. ' I just feel like I'm home. As if I was whole . He's my soulmate, and I'm his ».

Photo credit: SWNS

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