In England, a disabled cat has daily adventures with her masters

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-02 11:07:02

A cat suffering from a disability since birth is enjoying life to the fullest thanks to her masters. Travel and outings punctuate his hectic daily life.

Hanny, a cat Bengal, is a survivor: when she was a few hours old, another cat bit her spine. Result: she can no longer use her hind legs.

Crédit Photo : @hannythesharkasaurus / Mercury Press

A reckless and fulfilled cat thanks to her masters

Despite her handicap, the little ball of fur lives her life to the fullest thanks to her masters. Indeed, his adventurous daily life is punctuated by travel and outings by the sea.

« When we picked up Hanny, we knew she would need a lot of help and care, but we still can't believe how strong she is.' , explains Sarah, the owner of the animal , to the British daily Metro.

Crédit Photo :@hannythesharkasaurus / Mercury Press

The eight-month-old cat moves around thanks to a sling, in which she places her paralyzed paws. This device - which serves as a harness for his masters - allows him to discover the world around him and enjoy every moment.

And the least we can say is that her masters do everything possible to make her happy. The couple take Hanny everywhere with them: from activities in caves, to shopping and zoos.

According to him, the favorite place of the quadruped is the beach. His favorite activities? Rolling in the sand and splashing in the water and in the waves: ' We go to the beach several times a week, and when we can't go, we take walks in the woods or in the local park”. Hanny laughs wildly at his paralysis and crunches life to the fullest, to the delight of his beloved masters.

Crédit Photo : @hannythesharkasaurus / Mercury Press

« The beach has really breathed new life into her (…) You can see how determined she is and what freedom the harness gives her. She's getting stronger day by day “says the couple. One thing is certain: Bengal still has a lot of adventures to live!

Source : Metro