In Belgium, “silent zones” are made available to passengers on trains

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-28 20:39:01

The Belgian National Railway Company (SNCB, equivalent of the SNCF in France) is currently testing a service of “silent zones” in its trains. The idea speaks for itself, since it consists of offering a space reserved for those who wish to travel in peace.

Credit: SNCB

The initiative has been in place since January 24 by the railway company document and must continue its test phase until May 31. However, Belgian travelers are already conquered by this service.

They are in fact 7 out of 10 to be in favor of it, while 30% of them indicate that they would be ready to take the train more often with this initiative.

The service is currently being tested on the two busiest train lines in the flat country.

The “zone of silence”, a space cut off from noise

Credit: SNCB

Dedicated carriages, called “silent zones”, are thus offered to passengers. In this space, the calme is appropriate. Passengers are required to turn down the volume on their headphones and earphones, put their phones on silent, and make phone calls outside the car. Discussions are nevertheless accepted if the passengers speak in low voices.

A quiet space, away from the hubbub and small noises that can sometimes bother passengers during their journey. voyage .

The Belgian railway company shared a video on its TikTok account during the launch of this service. At the end of their journey in the “silent zone”, passengers will be able to fill out a form giving their opinion.

Services of this kind are already offered in Switzerland, Austria and elsewhere in Europe. What to give ideas to the SNCF to adopt this service in France?

Credit: SNCB

Credit: SNCB