In a relationship with a man who beats her, she flees with her 4 children and builds a house alone, using video tutorials

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-28 21:31:03

Portrait of an inspiring woman who experienced the worst before recovering courageously.

You have certainly never heard of Cara Brookins. And yet, this American, originally from Wisconsin, deserves to be known because she is an example of resilience and courage.

His story is a real source of inspiration for all those who wish to emancipate themselves and get out of an abominable situation.

Cara thus knew the hell of domestic violence but she knew how to get up from it to make it a strength that allowed her to move mountains.

Trapped in a toxic relationship with a man who beat her, she finally found the courage to one day run away with her four children, then she built her new House , alone, with the help of tutorials YouTube.

Photo credit: screenshot / you Tube

She leaves her violent husband and flees with her children, then builds her own house

This incredible story, which goes back several years, has been the subject of a book called “ Rise : How a House Built a Family (“How a House Built a Family”), published in 2017.

It all starts when Cara finally manages to escape the grip of her abusive husband. Left to her own devices, she will then do everything to offer a better life to her family.

« My kids and I were trying to figure it out on our own when I had a crazy idea. At that time, my kids were 17, 15, 11, and 2, and they had been pulled down so many times that I knew they needed a huge thing as much as I needed it. Long story short, we built our own house “says Cara on her blog .

A bet that was not won in advance because she had little money and had no skills in the matter. However, Cara threw herself into the water having a crush on a… ruin.

« I stopped and got out to look at it and I could see inside. I thought, 'I bet I could fix it if I really tried' “, she explains.

And from this somewhat crazy reflection was born the project of a lifetime!

« When I had this idea, everyone told me I was crazy. And every time I heard people's opinions, I was genuinely shocked. Because when I looked at my family, which was broken, scared, reduced, I knew that the only way forward was this project. And I never doubted for a minute that we could make it “, she confides.

« We knew it was going to be difficult (…) But we had no idea of ​​the magnitude of the task Cara continues.

The latter therefore had to learn everything with the help of online tutorials.

« In 2008, YouTube was unorganized. These were mostly amateur videos “, she recalls.

Finally, after 9 long months of work and DIY lessons, Cara was able to offer her little family a new house which she called 'Inkwell Manor', in which each of the children has their own room.

A great reward for Cara who always believed in this impossible dream.

« Our toes froze from carrying concrete in the wheelbarrow, our backs hurt from bending over backwards, and we sweated and survived the itch while we laid down the fiberglass. But if it was hard, that's when we rebuilt our family “, she concludes.

A life lesson !