In a relationship for 6 years, they learn with amazement that they are... brother and sister, after a DNA test

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 16:48:02

The story of a terrible love story between a man and a woman who learn that they are siblings.

The vagaries of life can sometimes turn out to be so tragic as to turn your life upside down overnight.

A couple just had the painful experience of learning the unthinkable!

In love for 6 years, a man and a woman thus discovered that they were in reality… brother and sister .

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In a relationship for 6 years, they discover that they are brother and sister

In any case, this is what an anonymous user of Reddit calling himself LetsSinWith .

In a poignant testimony posted on the social network on June 30, this 30-year-old woman recounts having learned by chance that her companion was none other than her big brother, following a DNA test.

Both placed for adoption shortly after their birth, they would have grown up in different families before meeting as adults, unaware of their bond.

« I feel weird about this. I was adopted when I was baby , but I only knew it when I was in high school (…) I love my parents and my parents love me. It doesn't matter if it's not my parents “, she says at first.

« My boyfriend was also adopted and when we met it was one of the things that brought us closer (…) Our relationship was and still is excellent. We understood each other very quickly. We were quickly attracted to each other. I had never met someone like him, nor felt such an immediate attraction and complicity. Now I know that comfort and familiarity is because he's my brother “, she continues, while confiding to be” happy » or rather relieved to never have had a child with her companion – like « agreed from the start “of their relationship – because she could not have” to face to such a situation.

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It was by feeling the desire to know more about her origins, as well as those of her boyfriend, that the young woman unfortunately learned the terrible truth.

« I discovered it when we did the DNA test to know our ancestors and who we are exactly. I ordered two for us, we spat in the tube and sent it. It took a month to get the results and I was impatient (…) but I saw that we were brothers and sisters. I was shocked “, she remembers with dread.

The most terrible thing is that this tragic revelation now seems obvious to him.

« Things are starting to make sense to me now. I'm always told 'you look a lot alike' or 'this is your male version' (…) We always made fun of it but I spent the morning looking at pictures of us together, realizing that we really look alike a lot “, she notes, troubled.

And to add: I hope this test is fake and I'll do a real one soon, but I'm freaking out. I still consider him the love of my life ».

While she had not yet announced it to her boyfriend, she finally told him the news as she explains in a second publication.

« He doesn't want to panic or make any hasty decisions before we've had a real test somewhere. But I can tell you he's scared and it was weird being next to him in bed “, concludes the anxious young woman.