In a relationship for 47 years, two residents of an EHPAD in Valenciennes said 'yes'

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 12:55:02

The EHPAD du Val D'Escaut, in Valenciennes, celebrated a wedding between two of its residents. After 47 years of relationship, Liliane and Andrée have finally passed the ring on their finger with the help of the residence and the town hall.

Liliane and Andrée. Credit: Baptiste Mezerette/ FTV

« We've known each other for just over 47 years. “, specifies Liliane for our colleagues from France Info. The two women were 25 when they met for the first time at the Notre-Dame d'Aubry-du-Hainaut home in the Nord department.

A love was born, Liliane and Andrée never left each other again, but had to live in hiding for decades. When they moved in together EHPAD du Val D’Escaut five years ago, only their guardian and a nurse, Alexandra Simon, knew their story.

« I had understood the state of couple as we can understand it but I respected their silence, we never went back on it “says the nurse who pushed Liliane and Andrée to get married.

'We didn't know that two women could get married'

Credit: FTV

It is primarily in the tone of humor that a wedding had been considered. It must be said that future brides did not believe that a marriage between two people of the same sex was possible these days and that “ was on tv Only, reports Alexandra Simon.

An idea which became reality for the two women and which moved Liliane: “ It touched me, it was beautiful, we didn't know that two women could get married ».

It was during a restaurant outing that Liliane, encouraged by Alexandra, asked Andrée. Once the request was made in good and due form, all that remained for the EHPAD – which at first believed in a joke – was to keep its word and organize the festivities. The two women were eager for their dream to come true.

It was within the EHPAD that the wedding was organized, with the help of their director, Camille Hétroit: “ It's not something I go through every day and the team goes through every day, that's for sure.' adding that all the staff were moved of this good news ».

Realize their dream

Credit: FTV

Alexandra then bought a robe on the internet before remodeling it by hand, ' I did them a disservice but I helped them achieve a dream. Because they are limited in their gestures, i.e. going to the town hall, going to town, going to choose a dress or even a ring '. While the staff of the EHPAD and the town hall struggled to organize the much-desired wedding.

Relatives and residents of the EHPAD of Liliane and Andrée were taken to the town hall by baby car in order to transport the wheelchairs and other necessary equipment.

47 years of love later, the time had finally come for the two women to say 'yes' in front of the mayor Laurent Degallaix. ' It was a great party, the room was beautiful, it was well organized “, rejoice Liliane and Andrée who said they were happy and proud.

Source : France Info