In a fitting room, this influencer shows the reality of the female body and breaks the diktats of fashion

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-10 15:59:02

A body positive influencer does not miss an opportunity to celebrate women's bodies, far removed from the dictates of fashion. In her photos, the 25-year-old does not hesitate to show herself as she is.

Credit: Georgie Clarke/ Instagram

On Instagram, Georgie Clarke is followed by 661,000 subscribers. According to the photos that she publishes regularly, the young woman seems fulfilled and proud of her body. Despite everything, this does not prevent him from sometimes feeling out of the norms conveyed in the media.

Thus, Georgie Clarke publishes photos of her where she highlights her 'imperfect' body and encourages women to love their figure as it is.

In a publication posted last month, the young influencer evokes an important aspect that is increasingly forgotten as attention is placed on the physical: memories.

Privileging the reality of bodies over the standards imposed by the media

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In this photo, Georgie Clark is on a beach in Spain with her niece with whom she makes sandcastles. As she indicates in the description of the photo, Georgie Clark is not to her advantage and points to her belly: “ When I first saw this photo from my family vacation… I couldn't help but think my belly looked horrible in it. I spent over an hour feeling bad. So I decided to change the story... “, she writes.

She backs up her argument by saying: This is a souvenir from me and my niece. I will remember the years we built castles in Spain together. I don't want her to see this picture of herself and have all these negative thoughts about her body that I had. So instead of hiding this photo like I would have done before, I proudly share it ».

Georgie Clark no longer wants to be influenced by the standards . She now publishes pictures on which she displays a body that does not highlight her but that she assumes. In one, she appears in a fitting room and shows off her cellulite-covered body and clothes that are visibly only cut for low waists.

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« The reality is that… it's very difficult to see yourself otherwise under its dodgy lights and unflattering mirrors. How can you not say to yourself, 'Damn, but I really look like this?!'. The old version of me would probably have been very upset to see this… In fact, it would have ruined my day. “, she confesses.

Today she celebrates her corps in all its differences.