If Your Partner Doesn't Listen To You When You Talk, That's A Good Thing According To Science

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-19 10:21:02

Do you often have the impression that your partner does not listen to you when you talk to him? Rest assured, according to scientists, it would be a proof of love. You are not convinced ? We explain to you.

Credit: Paperkites/iStock

Have you ever had that unpleasant feeling of talking into the wind or talking to a wall when talking with your significant other? According to a study conducted by William College, the University of Chicago and the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this annoying practice of your partner would be most reassuring.

According to the researchers, it would be a mark of love. In fact, the study authors say it's because your partner knows you too well.

Does your partner not listen to you? A sign of love according to scientists

Credit: Ridofranz/iStock

To reach this conclusion, which will make some of you jump, the researchers carried out a test with several couples . The latter, seated back to back, had to interpret each other's ambiguous sentences in turn.

Then, each partner formed a new pair with a stranger. The same exercise was performed. The results may seem surprising because the strangers actually understood the sentences of their partner better than the partners themselves.

These results are logical according to the researchers. They explain that when you talk to someone you know very well, like your partner, you expect him or her to understand you right away. We would thus formulate our about . While when we discuss with a stranger, we would rather tend to clarify our words to make ourselves better understood.

The study thus tries to show that if your partner does not listen to you, it is because he knows you too well.

If you are still not convinced, try the experiment next time to see if the researchers were right.