'I saw red': furious at not having had a promotion, she applied for 5 jobs and landed a better job

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-25 11:34:02

After her boss left, a young woman who wanted a promotion didn't get what she wanted. Ignored by her employers, she then looked for another job and found a better paid position with a bigger role.

When you want to evolve in your professional life, you sometimes have to try everything for everything, and it is not this young woman who will tell you the opposite. For two years, Jordan Smith worked in a music business and was his right-hand man. patron .

She worked alongside him for a long time and took care of important files when he delegated his tasks to her.

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Recently, his boss resigned and his position as director was therefore vacant. Convinced that she was made to replace him, Jordan thought someone was going to offer her the job. However, a replacement was quickly found, without notifying the rest of the team.

“It was very upsetting , she confided. I was annoyed that they found someone else for the job in the department, without even asking if any of the other music coordinators would be interested. »

She finds a better job

Furious that no one had offered her a promotion, Jordan Smith decided to look for job offers. job to get a job as music director.

'I was seeing red so I angrily applied for five new jobs , she explained. After two years working as a music coordinator for the company, I felt I had learned all I could. And obviously, I did not have the possibility of advancing where I was. Rage doesn't have to mean anything negative. It helped me realize exactly what I deserved from an employer and helped me not be afraid to ask for it. »

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Following her five applications, the young woman had three interviews and received several job offers less than a week after the departure of her boss.

“I applied for a music director position over the weekend and had an interview the following Tuesday , explained Jordan Smith. I was offered the job on Thursday. And all the while, other companies were also offering me positions. Now I work for a small music library, but I make more money than in my last job and I have a bigger role. »

A fine example that shows that even in our professional life, who tries nothing, has nothing.

Source : Business Insider