'I feel better and better': suffering from lung cancer, Florent Pagny gives reassuring news about his state of health

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 19:08:03

In the show Taratata broadcast this Saturday, October 29, Florent Pagny made a surprise appearance to give his news. Optimistic, the singer affirms that he is getting better and better and plans for 2023.

On January 25, we learned that Florent Pagny was suffering from a lung cancer . The singer had announced his illness on his Instagram account. Since then, he continues to use his social networks to give his news.

The last time that Florent Pagny communicated with his fans, it was on August 14, by posting a photo of him on vacation in the Aegean Sea. Since the end of the summer, no news of the singer had been revealed.

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It was until Saturday, October 29, where Florent Pagny made a surprise appearance on the show Taratata, broadcast on France 2 and presented by Nagui. Florent Pagny was invited during a special issue of the program devoted to the fight against cancer .

“I would have liked to be with you for an evening like this, to support and mobilize against cancer, especially since I am largely concerned now , quipped Florent Pagny. Precisely, I am so concerned that I am in this phase of fitness. »

Florent Pagny is getting better and better

On the video projected in the show, we could see the singer from Patagonia, where he has lived for several years. In his message, Florent Pagny gave reassuring news about his state of health. He is currently undergoing a chemotherapy program which seems to be bearing fruit.

Photo credit: France Televisions

“Normally, if all goes well, next year we will finally all get together to sing and to look for donations, since it is individual donations that allow development and research. And it's starting to bear fruit since, as you can see, I feel better and better. It's that the programs are working better and better.' , said Florent Pagny.

The day after Taratata was broadcast, 270,000 euros were raised for the fight against cancer. The appearance of Florent Pagny remains good news for fans of the singer, who now hope to find him on stage in 2023.

Source : bfmtv