'I can spend the winter in the street': at 24, she inherits a house but cannot live there because of a squatter

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 17:58:02

In Picardy, a young woman has inherited a house and the squatter who occupies it illegally. An unbearable situation for the owner who could find herself on the street.

While the winter break began this 1 is November to the great relief of many of our compatriots who live in precarious conditions, this period does not bode well for some inhabitants, entangled in complex situations.

This is particularly the case of a certain Mégane Lombard.

She inherits a house and the…squatter who occupies it illegally

This 24-year-old from Picardy now finds herself at an impasse because she cannot recover her home occupied by a squatter who, despite 11,500 euros in unpaid rent, cannot be evicted.

A situation that is all the more terrible for the young woman as this accommodation turns out to be an inheritance left to her by her deceased mother.

This grotesque story takes place in Fressenneville in the Somme, as our colleagues from Actu.fr tell us.

It all started last February when Mégane's mother died. In the wake of the death, his daughter inherits his house and what was initially a simple matter of succession will very quickly become a nightmare.

Because what Mégane did not know was that a squatter was occupying the premises, refusing to pay his rent .

His mother had indeed rented the house to this individual during his lifetime, but the latter had quickly shown himself not to be correct, ceasing to pay his rents, while squattant housing. The deceased had taken steps, but these have still not been successful.

So when Mégane discovers the situation, she is flabbergasted, especially since she has nowhere to go because she has recently left her stepfather's accommodation, which has been hosting her until now.

« My mother had started deportation proceedings while she was alive, showing me her file on her hospital bed. I took over the file after his death “, she explains as well.

« My mother fought and sacrificed for this house. I can't stay passive and tolerant “, continues the young woman, who seems resigned.

And to conclude: I am helpless and devastated. I'm sick of it. This gentleman has the right to spend the winter break in the warmth and me outside! He is faulty all the way. Why are we helping him? ».

While waiting perhaps to win her case, she decided to camp in front of her house on which she took care to display a banner with the inscription “Squatter”.

Source : Actu.fr