“I am not a daycare centre”: this granny shocks by demanding a salary to keep her grandson

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:23:02

A British grandmother wants her daughter to pay her to babysit her grandson.

All parents know that childcare can quickly become a headache!

So very often, when circumstances require it, we turn to our own parents so that they can lend a helping hand.

Generally, grandparents are happy to take care of their grandchildren free of charge. But it sometimes happens that some refuse, considering that it is a job like any other that deserves a salary.

This is particularly the case of a British granny who made a lot of noise in 2020, by demanding that her daughter pay her to keep her grandson.

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This granny demands a salary from her daughter to keep her grandson

Thus, the Grandmother claimed at the time a salary of around 12 pounds per hour (13.81 euros).

« My daughter asked me to take care of the child two or three days a week, but I already have my job. That's why I want to be paid. I love my grandson but I'm not a nursery “, had thus justified this woman, questioned by the Daily Mail.

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The daily stated that his daughter agreed in principle but that his proposed remuneration of 10 pounds per hour (11.51 euros) had proven to be too low in the eyes of her mother.

« i have my own life i work for myself and i think she should understand i would be wasting work time if i babysit her so if i have to give up that time then i need the money to compensate for what I would not earn at my work “, had indeed affirmed the grandmother.

As expected, his position had provoked a number of reactions across the Channel and while some had been very critical, others shared his point of view.

Source : Daily Mail