“I am a wolf”: this transgender woman is a therian and thinks she is a wolf from British Columbia

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:20:02

Naia Okami is a young therian, which means that she identifies with an animal. To her, she has the spirit of a BC wolf.

Naia Okami is a young woman transgender 28-year-old who lives in Seattle, United States . She has a surprising particularity since she defines herself as a therian: a person who identifies with an animal. Indeed, the young woman thinks she is a wolf from British Columbia.

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Naia claims she is 'spiritually and psychologically' a wolf . This identification does not affect his daily life, relationships or work. Identifying with a wolf even has a positive interest in the work of Naia, who is an investigator. When she searches for people who harm animals or children, she puts herself in the mind of a wolf stalking prey, which helps her achieve her goals.

She identifies with a wolf

Naia started telling those around her that she had 'the mind of a wolf' when she was 10 years old. According to the young woman, she is a wolf on all levels, except physically.

“Spiritually and psychologically, I identify as a wolf, but I know I am human. I walk on two legs, I have a job, I have a career. My partner is human” , she explained.

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Thus, Naia often howls like wolves and likes to wear a tail and ears to disguise herself. She also volunteers at wolf reserves to bond with other animals.

Naia is la cible de critique

By exposing her way of being on social networks, Naia has been exposed to a lot of criticism. However, she does not take them into account and has even decided to counter them.

'If you hate me because I'm outspoken and said something that offended you or did something wrong, that's a valid reason to dislike me. But if you hate me because of some identity or trait that doesn't hurt you or anyone else, I don't need you in my life.' , said the young woman.

Photo credit: iWonder

On social networks, many people maintain that Naia would have mental health problems. An accusation that the young woman totally denies.

“Mental health issues are judged by how they affect your performance in society , she explained. Do they affect your ability to live day to day? Do they affect your ability to pursue a career? Do they affect interpersonal relationships? Being Therian does none of that. There are people who have gone too far: if you go to work and bark at your colleagues, that's clearly a problem, but most therians don't. »

If Naia receives many criticisms on the internet, she is well surrounded in her personal life. She has other Therian acquaintances who understand her way of thinking, as well as friends and a partner who support her.

Source : RTL