How to renovate your bathroom in a chic and trendy style?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-21 13:42:01

Want to renovate your bathroom? Here are some tips for a decoration that is both trendy and refined.

You have just bought a home and the decoration is not to your liking? Or maybe the idea of ​​redoing everything in your house is running through your head because your interior, which has remained in its original condition, is far too dated?

So don't hesitate any longer, take the plunge and get started in works renovation to finally live in the property you've always dreamed of.

Renovating your home is always a special moment in a person's life because this type of change also feels like a new start.

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From design to installation, how to renovate your bathroom?

And among the rooms that we renovate most often, the bathroom figure prominently.

Subject to ambient humidity, water features wear out much faster than the rest of the house. It is therefore useful, not to say necessary, to renovate them when conditions require it.

If the quality of the plumbing and equipment (shower cubicle, basin, bathtub, etc.) remains the priority because it should not be neglected in such a room, choosing a beautiful, chic and refined decoration is also important.

A bathroom is not just any place in the house, since it is used by the whole family on a daily basis. In many ways, it is a real living space. It is therefore necessary above all to feel good there and for that, nothing beats beautiful and reliable materials for a healthy and warm environment.

And to renovate your water feature by combining style and quality, you can call on many craftsmen, including Schmidt stores, which remain a safe bet in this area.

The famous brand offers a wide range of quality materials to renovate your bathroom.

In particular, you can remodel your room as you wish by having your future furniture made to measure.

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This design down to the millimeter represents one of the specificities of the brand, which offers a unique tailor-made offer, guaranteeing total freedom in the choice of the dimensions of the equipment, but also in the configuration of the room.

And if you ever have trouble choosing your project or perhaps even imagining what it could look like, don't panic, Schmidt will accompany you from the design to the finalization and then the installation of your bathroom.

The brand also makes available, in some of its stores, an ultra-modern tool that will charm customers while reassuring them: Oculus 3D glasses.

This gadget allows you to virtually visit your future bathroom to help you make the right choices and, conversely, correct the small imperfections that you may not like.

Photo credit: Schmidt

So many arguments that should allow you to have no unpleasant surprises when the 'finished product' is delivered and installed.

And if you still have doubts, keep in mind that plumbing and appliances are guaranteed for 5 years. As for furniture and other structures, they are guaranteed for 10 years and up to 25 years for drawers and hinges.

Whatever your desires, there is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for at Schmidt, so don't wait any longer, launch the renovation operation.

You now have all the tools in hand to finally make this long-standing project a reality and if the hardest part is to come with the duration of the work, be patient and imagine yourself already taking a hot bath in your new bathroom. brand new.

Tempting, isn't it?