Hong Kong to distribute 500,000 free plane tickets to travelers to boost tourism

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-09 20:35:02

In an attempt to attract tourists back to the city, the Hong Kong government plans to distribute 500,000 free plane tickets, worth a total of 2 billion euros.

Credit: danielfung / iStock

The difficulties of the past two years have greatly affected tourism in Hong Kong , and Covid-19 travel restrictions have deterred people from traveling to the city. Since September 26, the city has lifted the mandatory hotel quarantine for travelers and the city's border restrictions will soon be fully lifted.

Despite these great improvements in the local situation, tourists are still hesitant to travel to the city, especially for vacations, as they would have spent three days without being able to enjoy the restaurants, bars and other attractions of the city. The government has not yet announced how the tickets will be rolled out, but besides tourists, business travelers should be included in the targeted groups, according to several sources.

Credit: Anyaberkut / iStock

Free tickets available in early 2023

In 2020, the airport authority set aside 2 billion euros to buy the said 500,000 tickets airlines, including Hong Kong Express, Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Airlines. According to the local tourist office, the organization will distribute the tickets and finalize the arrangements with the airlines. The tourist board is expected to launch publicity campaigns for the free plane tickets in early 2023.

Stay tuned if you want a chance to take advantage of it!