His wife wants to give a 'ridiculous' first name to their daughter, he declares another first name to the Civil Registry without warning her

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-21 14:16:02

Hard hard for new parents to agree on the first name of their child. A couple of Britons took the lead because the dad did not agree with the unique and to say the least original choice of the first name wanted by the mom. He therefore went alone to the Civil Registry to assign a more traditional first name to their daughter.

Credit: darkside-550/Pixabay

It's always a dilemma. Choose the first name of a child can be a real headache for parents. Especially when they disagree.

This is what happened to a British couple. On the Reddit forum, the dad testified anonymously to tell the crazy story of the attribution of their daughter's first name, then relayed by The Sun .

He explains that his wife wanted to give an original and unique first name to their child. A decision that obviously did not share the table . « I am a traditional man, I like traditional names with a rich history and deep meaning. My wife and others want something unique for their child that no one else on earth has thought of “, he specifies before adding that he was not at all convinced by the choices of his companion.

“Absolutely ridiculous” first names

Credit: RitaE/Pixabay

But what could the first names chosen by the mother be? ' Some of his suggestions were: Hoohee, Joejie, Yabba and Buza “, then reveals the dad in the greatest seriousness. Unattractive first names on which the Internet user has a clear-cut opinion: “ Everyone can see that those names are absolutely ridiculous and that she [their daughter, editor's note] would probably never have found a respectable job. I absolutely refused. […]. I told her that no one would take her seriously with a name like that and that she was just looking for novelty ».

Determined not to ruin his daughter's life because of an 'original' first name, the dad took the lead. ' So the next morning I went myself to register our daughter's name because I was worried my wife would do it first. ».

At the Civil Registry, it is under a completely traditional first name, like the ones he thought of “ Amelia, Ella, and Sophia “, that the dad declared his daughter . Without however revealing the first name he kept, the dad continues his testimony: “ I chose a really nice name that isn't too old fashioned and I thought my wife would be ok he thought.

But when he got home, his wife was furious and felt it was a betrayal. But to the delight of the dad, their little girl is not called Hoohee, Joejie, Yabba or Buza.