His wife is overloaded with work, her husband decides to contact his boss without telling him and provokes his anger

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-24 19:09:02

On the Reddit forum, many Internet users recount their misadventures by asking the opinion of the Internet community. Are they really at fault in the story they tell? This is what a man tried to find out who had taken the liberty of contacting his wife's boss because she was overloaded with work.

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A man thought he was doing the right thing when he decided to contact his wife's boss (behind her back) whom he saw being overloaded with work at their home. The considerate husband first recounts the ordeal he witnessed when he saw his wife struggling every day at her desk.

« My wife has spent 10-14 hours a day chained to her computer for the past 2-3 weeks on weekends as well. (EDIT - to clarify the last 2-3 weeks have been 100+ hour weeks, the whole year has been bad with lots of lost weekends and holiday work). I also couldn't take any days off for the holidays. She shouted obscenities about her job, explaining how she wants to quit, how ridiculous it is that she works so hard without any breaks. There have been many days filled with tears “, he writes on Reddit .

The husband felt helpless and says he did the best he could to help his wife on a daily basis. ' I walked on eggshells doing everything I could to help around the house and get her everything she wanted. But I'm constantly on the lookout for an explosion ».

Too much is too much for the husband, who has decided to take the lead by contacting his wife's boss... behind her back.

“It was extremely misogynistic to send a message to his boss”

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The husband continues his story by telling the message sent to the boss:

« Today (working all weekend again) she was screaming about other people she was working with and I couldn't take it anymore. I texted his boss (EDIT - we work at the same company and I'm already half friends with him) and told him 1) there are limits for human beings, 2) that sort of thing can't happen again next year. He agreed and said he would try to help ».

Thinking he had done the right thing, the husband quickly regretted his choice and fell out with his wife, who did not appreciate the gesture at all.

« Either way, he [her boss] did a shitty job of keeping me out of his conversation with her. So my wife found out that I had texted her right away. (EDIT - yes, I'm the one complaining about being caught in the act) ».

The husband specifies that his wife was suspicious when his patron gave him a weekend of rest . The latter took the gesture of her husband very badly, accusing him of harming his career.

« Now she tells me it was extremely misogynistic to text her boss saying she can't handle her job (which I didn't say) and that it's going to set her career back by several years. She says she can never trust me again to talk about her job or how she feels ».

The husband thought he was doing well when he saw his wife being so tense at work and therefore asked the opinion of Internet users. The latter informed him that he was at fault for having acted in this way and that his wife could be devalued for it.

« [...] I realized as soon as I posted my story what an ass I am “, recognized the husband. From now on, the situation with his wife seems somewhat broken: I spoke to my wife this morning, I apologized and she asked me to apologize to her boss and never speak to her again. Her boss was calm and said he understood and wouldn't let it affect how he treated my wife at work ».

Despite everything, Internet users seem to have decided on this case, which nevertheless started from a good intention.

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