Here's why you shouldn't take showers that are too hot

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 15:03:13

Notice to lovers of hot showers: this habit could have consequences on the skin. Follow the leader !

It's no secret: the douche warm offers us an enchanted parenthesis where we get rid of all impurities. The problem? This comforting habit is not recommended for the skin.

A shower that is too hot would be bad for the epidermis

You may not know it, but taking a shower that is too hot - over 38 degrees - causes an imbalance in the epidermis: dry skin, redness, itching. These inconveniences intensify in particular with the use of a soap which is not adapted to your type of skin , recalls Cosmopolitan.

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But that's not all ! A shower or bath that is too hot would also have an impact on blood circulation. In fact, the heat water increases the diameter of the vessels, and this phenomenon results in swelling of the legs.

In addition, the hot shower is not recommended for people suffering from venous insufficiency, heavy legs syndrome or varicose veins, underlines the women's magazine. Finally, too hot water can also trigger discomfort.

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What are the right steps to take?

According to specialists, the ideal shower temperature is between 30 and 37 degrees. Washing with lukewarm water has many benefits: this gesture helps to tone the body and strengthen the immune system.

For its part, cold water is a formidable ally to maintain baby skin. It also improves blood circulation and closes the scales of the hair, making it shinier and more supple, explains Cosmopolitan.

Source : Cosmopolitan