Here's what these 13 deceased stars would look like today

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:12

In recent decades, many stars departed, leaving millions of their fans heartbroken. But what would they have looked like today?

Well precisely, through this article you will discover the physique of Kurt Cobain, John Lennon or even Amy Winehouse if they were still alive. This projection, we owe it to the graphic designer Hidreley Diao, a 2.0 artist who has a particular talent for succeeding in giving age to deceased celebrities. The goal is simple: see what they would have looked like in 2022.

Aging by artificial intelligence

This creative exercise allows us to remember those who have made us dream over the past few decades, whether they are singers, actors or simply famous. If you doubt the realism of the visuals, browse the photos below and you might be shocked. Hidreley Diao made his project using the artificial intelligence and the least we can say is that the results are absolutely stunning.

Here they are :

1. John Lennon

Credit : AP /East News / hidreley

2. Tupac Shakur

Credit: hidreley

3. Marilyn Monroe

Crédit : Mary Evans / AF Archive / East News / hidreley

4. Elvis Presley

Credit: Rossano aka Bud Care / hidreley

5. Freddie Mercury

Credit: hidreley

6. Lady Diana

Credit: Julian Parker / UK Press / hidreley

7. Bruce Lee

Credit : Album Online / East News / hidreley

8. Michael Jackson

Credit : Carlo Allegri / hydreley

9. Kurt Cobain

Credit: hidreley

10. Paul Walker

Credit: Axelle / Bauer Griffin / East News / hidreley

11. Amy Winehouse

Credit : BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM / Eeast News / hidreley

12. David Bowie

Crédit : Mary Evans / AF Archive / Graham Whitby Boot / East News / hidreley

13. Prince

Credit: Fernando Allende / Broadimage / East News / hidreley

Source : Bright Side