Here's the most common reason for breaking up, according to an expert

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-09 15:30:02

Married life is full of pitfalls, and sometimes obstacles put an end to the relationship. And this underrated pattern is the one that causes the most breakups.

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Maintain the flame in his couple is not an easy exercise. Everyone has to make an effort to make the relationship work. Some people do it brilliantly, others not so much. As you know, respect, communication and mutual trust are the keys to building a healthy relationship. But some stories end for a reason that is sure to amaze you.

'It's a vector of discomfort'

Contrary to popular belief, infidelity is not the main reason for rupture . Indeed, the first place is occupied by the “unsaid”! In any case, this is what Genièvre Masse, trainee therapist in helping relationship, asserts.

« We often generalize when talking about the lack of communication in a couple, but what this really hides are the things left unsaid. He's the number one enemy in a relationship. », explains the spécialiste au magazine Grazia.

Before adding: It is also often the root of infidelity - in the majority of cases - it becomes interesting to look elsewhere because it is linked to dissatisfaction and therefore to one or more things left unsaid ».

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Still according to him, this cruel lack of communication (the fact of hiding what one feels) generates conflicts within the couple: “ It is a vector of unease - it generates a lack of confidence and affects two victims, which then leads to a destructive imagination, which pushes us to make movies ».

To overcome this problem, Geneviève Masse recommends that those concerned turn to communication and not hesitate to ask questions to show their involvement.

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Finally, she also advises to call on a couple therapist: “ We underestimate the help of a third person, but it works with neutrality and teaches both partners to communicate. And this helps to control the emotional gaps. It is a support and it is extremely helping and liberating ».

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