Here's how to tell if your dog thinks you're silly, according to a study

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 13:45:01

Here is a study that will leave no one indifferent: dogs would be able to judge the skills of their masters.

It is well known, the relationship between a master and his dog is special. The reason ? Our animal friends, for example, feel joy when their favorite human comes home after work.

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Research has also proven that doggies can feel the same emotions as a two-year-old child. Our four-legged friends would also be able to judge the skills of their owner. In any case, this is what a new study conducted at Kyoto University (Japan) and published in the scientific journal Behavioral Processes.

Yes, your dog may find you stupid

During their research, the scientists grouped together 30 dogs - male and female - and two actors who had a container in their hands with a lid on it, explains Doctissimo.

As the health site points out, the first comedian managed to open his container in about two seconds, while the second took about three seconds longer to do so. The latter repeated this operation with two different containers.

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But that's not all ! They also received two new containers containing “ either a piece of dog food or empty “, describe our colleagues. From then on, the participants tried to open them for 30 seconds. At the same time, the dog was watching before approaching.

This staging and the reactions of the quadrupeds were dissected: unlike the males, the female dogs tended to look longer at the person who tried to open the container with food. The females also approached the right person, underlines Doctissimo.

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« Our results show that dogs, especially female dogs, are able to identify human competence, which may influence their behavior, especially if food is involved. said Hitomi Chijiiwa, the lead author of the study.

Before adding: A question for future research is whether skill ratings generalize to other motor tasks or extend to traits such as reliability or knowledge. ».

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