Here's how to save heating this winter

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 17:18:01

As France faces rising electricity prices, one question is on everyone's lips: how to save heating this winter? Follow the leader !

It has not escaped anyone, the rise in energy prices is a real ordeal for many French people. And the least we can say is that gas and electricity bills will increase in the coming months.

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Luckily, there are solutions to reduce your daily energy consumption. As the winter period is fast approaching, we invite you to discover how to save heater this winter. Without further ado, discover above the gestures to adopt to stay warm without breaking the bank.

Buy a good heater that consumes little

You may not know it, but good heating rhymes with a fluid inertia radiator. This type of device has a heating core containing a heat transfer fluid (water or mineral oil).

Example of a fluid inertia radiator. Photo credit: Bricomarché

This economical heating mode stores and heats the liquid before releasing gentle heat by radiation. In addition, some models are equipped with smart control, which allows remote heating to be reduced when the house is empty. Finally, the price ranges are accessible to all. You just have to find the radiator that meets all your needs.

Arrange the space for better optimization

The layout of the room in which your heating system is located can alter thermal comfort. Therefore, it is not recommended to install your heating behind a piece of furniture, near a sofa or a bed, at the risk of causing your electricity bill to soar.

The reason ? These elements will absorb the heat, thus pushing the owner of the premises to increase the temperature of the radiator. This is why it is best to place your device under or near a window for better heat transmission.

Invest in a space heater

Auxiliary heating is a real ally for saving money, in particular by winter. And the palm of the most economical and ecological device is attributed to the pellet stove. This autonomous wood heating system is known for its very high energy efficiency (85 to 95%).

The pellet stove works by combustion, the heat produced from which spreads gently throughout the room. The pellets are recycled from untreated wood residues, such as sawdust or shavings.

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Easy to use, this device aims to relieve the operation of the central heating “, explains the site of the magazine energuide. Like the fluid inertia radiator, it is possible to program the heating cycles.

Clean your radiator

It’s a fact: maintaining your heating system helps reduce its consumption. First of all, it is recommended to dust your appliance regularly using a cloth or a feather duster to ensure better heat emission.

For water radiators, it is essential to 'bleed' your appliance by unscrewing the small screw placed opposite the pipes. This operation - which must be carried out before the arrival of winter - aims to evacuate the air and collect the water. Be careful, don't forget to turn off your heating before you start.

For electric or cast iron radiators, you can use a sponge soaked in hot water and Savon . Once the unit is off, soap the walls and pipes, as well as all the nooks and crannies. Once this step is complete and the dust is gone, let your radiator dry and you're done. To