Here's how to find stylish suits on the cheap

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-27 13:23:10

We give you some well-felt advice to find pretty costumes at affordable prices.

In this period of going back to school and returning from vacation, there is nothing like a wardrobe update to adopt a new look after recharging the batteries.

At a time when some of you have returned to the office, the idea of ​​acquiring a new costume you may be running through your head. Admit it, you're tired of constantly putting on the same suit whether you're going to a job interview, a funeral or a wedding. Moreover, this summer, all your friends have chambered you on this when your brother and his fiancée said yes to the town hall.

It must be said that you make a little stain on the wedding photos with your old black suit, so much so that you are sometimes asked if you have not been added to an assembly. So it's time to remedy all that by investing in a new suit, isn't it?

Well, guess what, we might have what you need!

Photo credit: Celio

Which costume to choose for the start of the school year?

An essential brand in men's ready-to-wear, Celio remains a safe bet when it comes to dressing with style without going broke. Everyone, and not only in France, knows the Celio brand and its reputation is well established.

The brand therefore appears as obvious when you want to afford the perfect suit. Whether you opt for a chic and relaxed look, sophisticated or conversely more sober, you will always find what you are looking for at Celio.

There is something for everyone in the different collections and there is no doubt that you will find the Man suit you've always dreamed of.

As you can see online, there is a wide choice available to you. So many models adapted to all silhouettes. Fitted or classic, the costumes offered will allow you to be classy in all circumstances.

So to help you make a choice that combines elegance and sobriety, here are some tips.

Elegant suits at low prices at Celio

Focus on quality first, which doesn't necessarily mean going broke. If your budget remains limited, be aware that this is not an obstacle if you want to have fun and some costumes from Celio are proof of this.

The brand thus offers certain sets for less than 100 euros. An attractive price certainly but which should not make us forget the quality of the materials used, starting with polyester, one of the main advantages of which remains its crease resistance. A major asset for a costume.

For larger wallets, Celio also offers the Amaury suit for 79.98 euros more (129.97 euros if you add the Diam waistcoat for a three-piece). Also made mostly of polyester, this set also has the particularity of being made with recycled materials, which should appeal to anyone concerned about giving clothes a second life.

Once you have your idea in mind, take the time to try on the costumes that you like, taking care to choose a cut that suits your body type. At Celio, you will find fitted, extra-slim or even classic suits.

For example, if you want to dress casually while remaining elegant, Celio has hit the mark with the Griggio model. Perfectly adjusted, this gray suit with the most beautiful effect combines charm and relaxation. To get it, it will certainly cost you more than the models mentioned above, but the price is still affordable since the set is sold at 149.98 euros.