Here is the (very high) salary that a stay-at-home mom should earn if she were paid

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-20 16:03:01

Being a stay-at-home mother is undoubtedly one of the most complicated “jobs” there is, yet it is certainly the only one that does not earn any salary. The Prontopro portal for connecting professionals with personal services has calculated how much a mother should earn if she were paid.

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To arrive at a figure for the work provided by a stay-at-home mother, the company took into account all the activities that mothers who manage their homes do and added up the cost of each of them. And you will see that it adds up very quickly. Indeed, between cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping or even the role of driver to drop off and pick up children from school, we often tend to underestimate their role.

If mothers were paid, which would be well deserved for the enormous work they provide on a daily basis, they should receive a salary around 6,400 euros net per month. For information, this amount is equal to approximately 5 times the SMIC, i.e. the remuneration of a senior executive occupying a management position or of a specialized doctor. It must be said that stay-at-home mothers work well over 35 hours a week and do not count their efforts.

Credit: Prontopro

Several professions in one

To arrive at the amount of 6,400 euros, Prontopro has listed nine activities that can be integrated into that of mom home. We find in particular that of household help for 3 hours per week, personal shopper or stylist once a month, private tutor for 2 hours per week. To this can be added the role of chef cooking every day, without forgetting that of nutritionist, life coach, private driver 14 hours a week to go see friends and go to school and finally camp leader two times per week.

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