Here is the employment and housing ranking of the best French cities to settle in

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-24 17:06:02

Do you want a change of scenery and move to a new city? That's good, the 4th edition of the barometer 'Employment and housing: the ranking of cities in which to settle' has just been published.

Credit: Kloeg008 / iStock

Every year during the month of November, Meilleurtaux and the job search site Meteojob join forces to rate the cities where it is best to settle according to the number of permanent contracts per inhabitant, real estate prices, median salary level, etc. Thanks to the crossing of these results, the experts of the two websites have created a ranking of the 31 best French cities.

And in this little game, the town that climbs to the first step of the podium is... Orléans! Indeed, the city offers in particular the enormous asset of offering 4.81 offers of use in permanent contracts per 100 inhabitants, a record in France. But that's not all, locals can also count on a very attractive real estate market in relation to the median salary, interest rates and property prices. Orléans is followed by Mulhouse and Rouen. “Their common point is to be either close to Paris or connected to the capital by TGV” explains Maël Bernier, spokesperson for Meilleurtaux.

Which cities in the top 10?

The top 10 is respectively completed by Grenoble, Perpignan, Lille, Saint-Étienne, Metz, Aix-en-Provence and Lyon. But be careful, not all municipalities appear in the ranking for the same reasons. For example, in Perpignan, it is not necessarily easy to find a job on a permanent contract, on the other hand the real estate is particularly interesting there. Conversely, Lyon offers a large number of professional opportunities, but it will be very complicated or even impossible to buy a property of more than 30 square meters in a listed district with the median salary.

Here is the full list:

1. Orleans

2. Mulhouse

3. Rouen

4. Grenoble

5. Perpignan

6. Small

7. Saint-Etienne

8. Metz

9. Aix-en-Provence

10. Lyon

11. Bordeaux

12. Clermont-Ferrand

13. Reindeer

14. Limoges

15. Nantes

16. Tours

17. Dijon

18. Le Mans

19. They fall

20. Besancon

21. Toulon

22. Angers

23. Toulouse

24. Nimes

25. Strasbourg

26. Reims

27. Le Havre

28. Montpellier

29. Marseille

30. Nice

31. Paris