Here are the stunning photos that won the 2022 Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 13:43:01

For its 58th edition, the prestigious animal photography competition has once again reserved sublime shots of our animal friends. This year, a photograph by Karine Aigner won the supreme title.

'Photographer of the Year'

Credit: Karine Aigner

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022 have delivered their verdict. The competition, organized by the Natural History Museum in London, ended on Tuesday, October 11 during the deliberation of the jury.

This year, it is the American photographer Karine Aigner , who cut his teeth in National Geographic , who won the prestigious title of “Photographer of the Year”. This is only the fifth time since the creation of the contest that a woman has been rewarded.

On the side of the rest of the competition , we must note the presence of the French photographer and biologist Laurent Ballesta for his incredible photo seabed under the ice floe of Antarctica. It's a great reward for the Frenchman in the 'Portfolio, history' category, he who won the title of the year in 2021.

19 shots awarded Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Once again, the 19 award-winning photos this year show us the treasures of nature, whether on land or in the sea. The jury had a lot to do to decide between the 38,000 applications from 93 countries around the world.

The photographs are magnificent and the 19 award-winning categories are to be discovered below.

Winner category 'Underwater world'

Credit: Tony Wu

Winner Category 'Abstract Nature'

Credit: Junji Takasago

Winner category 'Urban Fauna'

Crédit : Dmitry Kokh

Winner category 'Animal portrait'

Credit: Jose Juan Hernandez Martinez

Winner category 'Behaviour: Birds'

Credit: Nick Kanakis

Winner category 'Behaviour: Amphibians and reptiles'

Credit: Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

Winner category 'Wetlands'

Credit: Daniel Nunez

Winner category 'Photojournalism'

Credit: Brent Stirton

Winner category 'Portfolio, history'

Credit: Laurent Ballesta

Winner category 'Animals in their environment'

Credit: Daniel Mideros

Winner category 'Behaviour: Mammals'

Credit: Anand Nambiar

Winner category 'Oceans: overview'

Credit: Richard Robinson

Winner category 'Plants and mushrooms'

Crédit : Agorastos Papatsani

Winner category 'Photojournalism, history'

Credit: Karine Aigner

Winner category 'Portfolio'

Crédit: Mateusz Piesiak

Under-10 'Young Nature Photographer of the Year'

Credit: Ekaterina Bee

'Young Nature Photographer of the Year' for 11-14 year olds

Credit: Ismael Dominguez Gutierrez

'Young Nature Photographer of the Year' for 15-17 year olds

Credit: Katanyou Wuttichaitanakorn