Here are the most luxurious and expensive public toilets in the world

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-09 13:11:01

The Californian company Jupe has reinvented public and mobile toilets in an ultra luxurious version.

Not sure to dare to put a buttock there. A Californian company has chosen to build ultra-luxurious mobile toilets. A project called The Portal and created by Jupe, a start-up specializing in the creation of party tents. camping of luxury, surfing on the trend of “ glamping ” - contraction of “glamour” and “camping”.

Credit: Skirt/AD

Luxury public toilets

As surprising as it may seem, these mobile toilets ultra luxurious were designed as a trapezoidal prism with mirror effect walls and a window that offers a breathtaking view of nature. In these toilets, comfort is at the rendezvous. Inside, the structure is made up of continuous ventilation. Toilets equipped with solar panels to never be off the grid. Another plus: the possibility of adding wifi in these public toilets . What to stay connected in the middle of nature.

Credit: Skirt/AD

Downside: for luxury establishments who would like to afford this marvel, the price remains very high: The Portal costs $8,995 or around €9,000. Yes, you read that right. A cheaper version is also available: $4,995 or €5,000 for a model that excludes many high-tech features.

Luxury mobile toilets that have already been a hit since everything is already sold out. For the next models, a waiting list is already open. So, what do you think ?

Credit: Skirt/AD

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