Here are the departments that are not affected by the price increase

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 19:52:01

Due to inflation, some big box products are seeing their prices go up while sales are down. But despite the rise in prices, some departments are not experiencing the crisis.

France has been impacted by an unprecedented rise in prices in recent months and the food sector has been affected. Many big box products are seeing their prices go up due to the inflation . As a result, customers are buying less and sales of these items are down.

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While some brands are suffering from inflation, others continue to sell their products well. Indeed, some supermarket shelves do not know the crisis . This finding was unveiled by the ETF interprofessional organization which brings together several brands such as Fleury Michon, Sodebo and Bonduelle.

These products are not affected by inflation

The rays of supermarkets concerned are the products of caterers sold in the fresh section. These are prepared salads, sandwiches, ready meals or fresh pasta.

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If these products continue to sell well despite the rise in prices, it is because they constitute a diversified offer of affordable meals which make it possible to simplify daily life, in particular with the deployment of teleworking. In addition, these products are generally more sustainable because they contain less plastic packaging and additives and are more recyclable.

According to estimates, seafood products could be more expensive in the coming months. This is particularly the case for salmon and shrimp, which will see their prices increase. Will consumers still be tempted by these products for their end-of-year holiday meals? Answer in a few months.

Source : Progress