Her milk supply is dry, she lets her sister-in-law breastfeed her baby and not everyone likes it

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-25 12:49:02

A woman recently explained that she faced criticism after making a choice that did not please everyone.

We don't teach you anything if we tell you that the feeding with milk still remains a taboo subject.

Lisa McAloon just found out the hard way!

This 33-year-old American, from Seekonk, Massachusetts, said she received negative, even nasty comments from some Internet users after she announced her choice to let her sister-in-law breastfeed her son. baby .

When her milk supplies began to run out, Lisa, mother of 3 children, was able to count on the support of Janelle who offered to feed her son, as she told the Truly site.

This mother lets her sister-in-law breastfeed her baby

Very close, the two women have the particularity of having married twins.

Aged 31, Janelle, mother of 4 children, is indeed married to a certain Josh, whose brother Jay is none other than the husband of … Lisa. An unusual situation that seems to have given them a special bond.

So when Janelle offered to help Lisa with breast-feed her baby, the latter did not hesitate even if she had some apprehension.

« When she gave him the breast, he was very happy “, thus told the mother of the family.

« It wasn't even a question, it was the first thing I wanted to do to help her. “, for his part explained Janelle.

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It was by wanting to share this experience on TikTok that Lisa was able to measure how breastfeeding remains a divisive subject. Because if she received a good number of benevolent messages, she unfortunately had many other less sympathetic ones. Some anonymous people do not hesitate, for example, to judge their choice “ bizarre ' or ' disgusting ».

Whatever the critics, Lisa assumes her choice.

« What can it do ? He's my sister-in-law, he's my baby, and he's fed, he's happy, and he's healthy, so it shouldn't matter how he gets those nutrients. “, she concludes as well.

Photo credit: Truly / Screenshot