Her husband wants his sick mother to come live with them, his wife refuses and explains why

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-21 11:22:02

The dilemma that you will discover in this article is particularly moving. A man wants to welcome his mother with dementia into his family, but his wife replies that she will be better cared for in a retirement home. Narrative.

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If we were once the baby who needed 24-hour attention, over the years it is our mothers and fathers who become vulnerable and need our help. So goes the cycle of life. In the vast majority of cases, the children are still working and do not have time to take care of their aging parents and they place them in specialized establishments, commonly called 'retirement homes' or 'EHPAD'.

That being said, despite the difficulties it presents, some people really do not see themselves leaving their parents alone in these kinds of places. This is the case of Tenny's husband, a mother of two, who wishes to welcome home his mother who is alone, elderly and now unable to live independently since the death of her husband. Only here, Tenny, she does not see how the small family could organize themselves to take care of her since it is a full-time job and the couple works.

But beyond the organization of their daily time, Tenny thinks that she and her husband simply do not have the skills required to welcome him in decent conditions and that he would be much better, above all for she, to be surrounded by health professionals who better understand these situations. For his part, eager to protect his mother suffering from dementia , especially after promising her father that she would never go to a retirement home, her spouse does not budge and affirms that she will come to live with them rather than remain isolated in an EHPAD. One thing is certain, the two think they are doing well, but they have opposite opinions.

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Caring for a dependent person, a full-time job

It is very difficult to make the decision to put your father or mother in a specialized institution, yet it is often the best solution to be sure that the elderly person in question is well taken care of. But despite all the benevolence in the world and the heartbreak that this can produce in the children who are concerned, it is almost impossible to replace an organization of health working full time.

What would you have done in their place?

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