He wins nearly 200,000 euros at the Loto thanks to an unknown option

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-17 10:09:02

By adding an option of 80 centimes to his Loto grid, a player pocketed the very handsome sum of 192,415.30 euros in a Mag Presse of a Leclerc store, in Lorraine.

Credit: jackmac34/Pixabay

Luck sometimes comes to nothing. On September 30, the Mag Presse of the Leclerc store, located in Thionville, in Moselle , announced on a large sign: Here, a big Loto winner, 192,415.30 euros ».

« In 21 years at Mag Presse, I have never seen that! I have already seen players win 20,000 euros in another game, but never close to 200,000 euros “, told for our colleagues from Lorraine News Corinne Sapin, manager of Mag Presse.

An option at 80 cents more that won the Loto jackpot

Credit: Lorraine Actu

The lucky winner, who remained anonymous, bought his grid from Heart on September 3. To maximize your chances of hit , the buyer had decided to add 80 cents more to qualify for the “second draw” option, as allowed by the game of Française Des Jeux (FDJ).

This is a ' additional draw involving a jackpot of at least €100,000 to be shared in rank 1 “, writes the FDJ on its site. This means that the five numbers played by the buyer as well as his lucky number allowed him to compete in the two Loto draws that evening.

As the manager of Mag Presse explains, “ in the first draw, which took place the same evening, he won only 5.30 euros, but in the second, he won 192,000 '. It was only at the end of September that the Mag Presse de Thionville learned that the sum had been won at home.

From now on, the Mag Presse highlights this offer at 3 euros to encourage players to use it. However, Corinne Sapin specifies that ' a lot of times people don't play it. For some, it motivates, and for others, there is nothing to do, they will stay on the initial grid [à 2.20 euros, ndlr]! ».