He visits an abandoned hotel in Ireland and finds himself in a place worthy of the Planet of the Apes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-25 11:06:02

Urban photographer Romain Veillon has honored an abandoned hotel in Ireland. And the result is incredible.

Some trips may take a totally different turn from what was planned. While Romain Veillon was on vacation in Ireland , he was surprised by an article from a local newspaper that mentioned an old hotel today abandoned .

Curious, the urban photographer and editor for Bored Panda decided to pay it a visit. And his surprise was up to his expectations.

Nature takes back its rights

Located on the coast, the hotel was destroyed by the sea, storms. The vegetation took over and invaded the rooms of the establishment from floor to ceiling. Some of the hotel's objects and furniture have also remained intact. What give an impression of apocalyptic film in the image of the Planet of the Apes .

The photographer explained in Bored Panda: “When you have the chance to explore such an incredible place, it feels like one of those post-apocalyptic spectacles where humanity has disappeared from the face of the earth and where you wander in an empty world. It's a strange feeling, the atmosphere created is incredible and I hope I was able to capture it faithfully in my photographs.” We let you discover in pictures this incredible abandoned place.

Credit: Romain Veillon

Credit: RomainVeillon

Credit: RomainVeillon

Source : Bored Panda