He threatens to leave his girlfriend after finding out how she...cuts butter

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:21:02

We've all heard of the reasons for breakups that are funny to say the least, but the one you're going to discover today is completely crazy. Indeed, in the United Kingdom, a man threatened to leave his girlfriend because of the way she consumes butter.

Credit: DifficultySalt4231 / Reddit

Yes, yes, you read that right. The partner in question, responding to the pseudonym DifficultySalt4231 on the Reddit platform, was shocked when he opened the tub of butter and discovered his girlfriend's controversial method of using the butter. butter . In the aftermath, he was quick to share a photo of the box of butter online with the following caption: “this is how my new girlfriend uses butter, is she a serial killer on the base of this information?”

A breakup for butter

For most of us, the logic would probably be to start the butter from the top half by scraping with a knife, but in the case of this anecdote, the partner of DifficultySalt4231 decided to start by first cutting a side of butter. And in view of the reactions of Internet users who commented on the post, it would seem that it is a real sacrilege. Some, particularly extreme, even see it as a potential reason for rupture . One of them, for example, wrote: “I think you would be better off without her.”

And you, how do you use the butter?

Source : Mirror