He spends 321 days playing dead and realizes his dream by... landing the role of a corpse in a series

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:07

In the United States, a man pretended to be dead for 321 days in the hope of obtaining a role in an American series. Thanks to her daily posts on TikTok, her dream has come true.

When you want to become an actor, it is not always easy to make yourself known and get a role in a series. To get noticed, some people will do anything to get attention.

This is the case of Josh Nalley, a 42-year-old man, who pretended to be dead for 321 days. His goal: to get a role in a series and embody a corpse.

Crédit photo : @living_dead_josh

“I originally had this idea after seeing a woman on TikTok talking about hot sauce, then she got offers from a bunch of hot sauce companies , he explained. I thought if I was creative enough to play a non-living person, I might catch the eye of a TV show or a movie production company. »

He plays dead for 321 days

For 321 days, Josh posted daily videos on TikTok where he can be seen mistaking himself for a lifeless body. To prove that he was indeed still, his videos were always in motion. If the environment and the decor varied a lot, this was not the case with his posture... For almost a year, Josh filmed himself lying in the snow, in a dining room, on a staircase, against a wall of bricks or on rocks at the edge of a river.

Crédit photo : @living_dead_josh

If Josh has no experience of actor , he learned well to stay as still as possible over the months and became very convincing.

'I don't like talking on camera, but I can lay down and act like I'm dead pretty easily. After doing more than 300 performances, I progressed and improved. At first you could see me breathing, or the fake blood looked really bad. Eventually I stopped using blood and got better at holding my breath.' , he explained.

He gets a role in a series

Eventually, Josh was able to achieve his goal as he was offered a role in the series CSI: Vegas. In the episode where he will play, Josh will play the role of a corpse.

“I got an email from CBS saying they saw me on TikTok and wanted to offer me the role. At first I didn't believe it, but they took me to California. It turned out that Mario Van Peebles was the director for that episode, so in addition to being cast on the show, I also got to meet him, which was great.” , said Josh.

Crédit photo : @living_dead_josh

Josh made his television debut filming in his first episode. To prepare, he spent two hours in makeup and remained motionless on a stretcher for the three or four takes. Although he has received other offers, the actor does not plan to quit his job as a restaurant manager just yet. While waiting for fame, Josh is still posting videos of himself on TikTok mimicking a lifeless body in various situations.

Source : TikTok