He modified his body to become a Black Alien and restaurants refuse to serve him because he scares customers

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-25 13:31:02

His name may not tell you anything, but Anthony Loffredo is a Montpellier man who has tattooed his whole body. But that's not all ! He had his nose and ears removed so he could continue his physical transformation.

One thing is certain: Anthony Loffredo, alias Black Alien, does not go unnoticed on the street. The reason ? The Montpellier man is tattooed from head to toe. The latter has given himself the mission of transforming his body into a true work of art.

Photo Credit: the_black_alien_project / Instagram

And the least we can say is that the young man in his thirties gives himself all the means to carry out his project entitled “The Black Alien Project”.

An extreme physical transformation

Indeed, the one followed by 1.2 million subscribers on Instagram , has already undergone a number of extreme body modifications: he had his tongue split in two and had subcutaneous silicone implants placed in his skull. He also received ink injections in the whites of his eyes.

Photo credit: the_black_alien_project / Instagram

Photo credit: the_black_alien_project / Instagram

Two years ago, Black Alien took it to the next level after having his ears, nose and part of his upper lip removed. But that's not all ! In 2021, he traveled to Mexico where he had two fingers amputated on his left hand.

According to him, Anthony Loffredo has reached 46% of his final transformation. Today, he plans to have his leg amputated up to the knee: “ It is something complicated, because my leg is healthy. An amputation is not nothing “, he confided at the time on social networks.

Photo credit: the_black_alien_project / Instagram

Photo credit: the_black_alien_project / Instagram

Unsurprisingly, his appearance atypical divides, but Black Alien can count on the support of his mother, who approves of his transformation project: ' There are people who have an open mind (…) he told LADbibleTV.

Still according to him, despite his extreme look, he wants to live a simple life: “ I am a normal guy '. However, the young man struggles to find work and is sometimes refused entry to certain restaurants because he scares other customers.

Photo credit: the_black_alien_project / Instagram

Source : LADbibleT